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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by Georgina, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    I have the 2008-2009 season list of football matches if anyone is interested in supporting them at the El Bustan Stadium in El Gouna.

  2. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Georgina - considering they are footie mad I think this is what is missing in Sharm. Doesnt seem to be any footie clubs epsec for expat teenagers. Maybe if we move over hubby will try and start something up!!If anyone knows of any let me know please x
  3. johnwayne

    johnwayne Banned

    Hi - does anyone know if there is a football club in Hurghada?
  4. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    Grand Club, affiliated with Grand Hotel from Hurghada, play their home
    games at their humble ground from which the massive Steigenberger Al
    Dau Beach Hotel can be clearly seen from the miniscule elevated shed
    that serves as the only covered part of the ground.

    It is located on the main road leading to Hurghada's new police
    station in the vicinity of the airport.
  5. johnwayne

    johnwayne Banned

    Thanks for this Georgina - will tell our boys!
  6. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    Life After Football team of top retired Dutch Players v El Gouna F.C.

    We had a treat in El Gouna on Tuesday with the players from the Life After Football Dutch team consisting of retired top players like Patrick Kluivert playing against El Gouna F.C. It was a very hot afternoon with zero wind and temperatures in the shade around 40 degrees but El Gouna F.C. thrashed the Dutch 7-4 !!!!!

    Photos here: El Gouna F.C. v Life After Football retired top Dutch team | Facebook
  7. Steveand Christine

    Steveand Christine New Member

    Thinking about watching a game while we are out in December (home game on 29th Dec). Is it safe for us English to attend, what are the crowds like, how much to get in, standing or sitting etc?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    I have only been to this match and went on my own. The crowds were wonderful with a great atmosphere against the Dutch team. Never heard of any problems when El Gouna FC play other Egyptian teams. Entry was free for the Dutch game and there is also a game on Thursday 4th November against Military Production at 2.30pm entrance free. I think there is a small charge at the other matches. El Gouna Information Center should have more information.
  9. Mussa1

    Mussa1 New Member

    Just a general question, once my apartment is ready I will be going over to hurghada. Just wanted to know if there is a local football league that I could join or train with. Something like a sunday league like what we have here in the UK

  10. Steveand Christine

    Steveand Christine New Member

    Thanks for the info.

  11. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    Hi Steve and Christine
    If you are still planning on going to the football match I would recommend catching the stadium shuttle bus. Customer Services have been sending an email before the match saying the entrance is free and advising the time the bus departs from Tamr Henna and then calls at the hotels. You should get this information from the Information Center nearer the day. The bus (either the usual open sided shuttle bus or Pakistani ornate bus but with a 'Stadium' sign in the window) will drop you at the covered seating area. I think the security this side may have a chance of speaking English incase you need any help rather than the public entrance. The bus will be waiting outside to take everyone back to Tamr Henna and the hotels.
  12. Steveand Christine

    Steveand Christine New Member

    Still planning to go. Is that Tamr Henna Square in El Gouna? We will be getting a bus/taxi from Hurghada to El Gouna. Thinking of going to Smugglers for meal after game is it far from Tamr Henna?

  13. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    Yes just outside Tamr Henna Square is where all the shuttle buses park in Downtown El Gouna. Smugglers Pub is in Abu Tig Marina. If you walk around the marina basin go past Captain's Inn Hotel and opposite Pier 88 the floating restaurant is an alleyway and the pub is down there. If you get to Duty Free you have gone too far. The shuttle buses leave every 15 minutes from Tamr Henna to the marina. The pub opens at 7pm but doesn't serve food. I work there every Sunday night

  14. Alan Cockayne

    Alan Cockayne Banned


    Another day.... Another dollar

    Check out this video.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u08royw6M8M"]YouTube - Dahab Muppets.wmv[/ame]
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  15. Steveand Christine

    Steveand Christine New Member

    There seems to be a bit of confusion with El Gouna's next game. One fixture list shows the game is to be played on 30th Dec another has the game to played on 20th Jan. One fixture list shows them playing another in Cairo on the 29th Dec.
    Can anyone confirm which is correct? It looks like we will have to wait till another time to watch them play. We will probably still try to get to El Gouna anyway.

  16. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    I just heard on Facebook that the match due to be played today has been postponed until 20th January.
  17. Steveand Christine

    Steveand Christine New Member

    Thanks for the info, will try to take in a game when we are out next time.

    Steve & Christine
  18. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    Just received this from Customer Services:

    Come and watch the stars of Switzerland!

    January 22nd, 12pm at the El Gouna Stadium.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to see some great football being played between El Gouna FC vs. FC Luzern from Switzerland.

    There will be 2 stadium bus lines starting simultaneously at

    11am to pick up any guests interested in attending the match. One bus line will start from the Ocean View and pass by Ali Pasha, Turtle’s Inn, Captain’s Inn, Fanadir, Mosaique and Sheraton. The second bus line will start at Rihana Resort and pass by Moevenpick, Arena Inn, Steigenberger and Club Med.

    Entrance is free.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Customer Service Department

    El Gouna

    A Destination by Orascom Hotels & Development

    El Gouna Red Sea Egypt's Best Holiday Destination and Beach Resort Town
  19. naty651

    naty651 New Member


    hi Gergina
    Sorry i am not asking for a football team but i know that you are in el gouna can you know any owner who want to rent studio or 1 bedroom flat in end of april 2011 for 2 months in a reasonable price as i am coming for search job not fun.
    thanks a lot
  20. Georgina

    Georgina New Member

    There are many agents in El Gouna handling property rental. If you look on El Gouna Red Sea Egypt's Best Holiday Destination and Beach Resort Town you should find them. To go direct to owners the best way is to join the Group on Google for El Gouna but we are not allowed to advertise other forums on here so maybe this post will be deleted? A friend of mine also handles some rentals for friends privately. Her name is Karen and telephone number is 0102301383.

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