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Dubai - Apartments - Rental costs

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by andre, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. andre

    andre New Member

    Welcome all,
    Can any body let me know approx monthly rental figure for 2 bedroom apartment in are close to town on compound with usual facilities etc. |Also approx services costs as well. Also price of 12 month old car decent size / type. Moving in couple of months and need some info or even web page to check out
  2. moises

    moises New Member

    Hello Andre
    Then check out the links for property and vehicles. As for DEWA (Elec and Gas) I have heard a few numbers thrown around and I guess it varies with the size of your place, but I am going to budget up to $500 USD. If anyone else can tell you what the average DEWA bill is, go with their number.
    See you soon
  3. benjamin

    benjamin New Member

    Hi Andre,
    Hope this isn't too late to reply. Regards to living in Dubai it's really expensive if you want to live nearby the city like Bur Dubai area. A 1 bed-room apartment, partly furnished, will cost you around 7000 dirhams per month (US$1900). Mostly all apartments will come with a gym and swimming pool. A monthly bill to DEWA for a person in a month would be 300dirhams (US$82). This is just an average, in summer it would be more if you keep the air cond on constantly. DEWA bills include water, electricity, sewage and housing fees.
    Thank you
  4. Noordubai

    Noordubai New Member

    regarding the cost


    if you want to lease 2 BR villa near the internet city please call me 050 2484141

    good prices with good location

  5. nima

    nima New Member

    rental costs in dubai

    hi andre

    i would say the rentals vary from area to area because international city and outskirts are cheaper compared to city centres.

    a 2 bedroom flat varies from 18000 dhs per month to 120,000 dhs annually in good areas like emirates hills, greens etc.:mad:
  6. hassan

    hassan New Member

    Dubai Apartments Rentals

    please browse our web site for infp with regards to dubai apartments and villas as we ofer a large selection that suits holiday rentals,Visitors, Relocation, and corporate traveller
  7. hassan

    hassan New Member

    Dubai Cheap Apartmens Rentals

    Please browse this web site for info on apartments in dubai
  8. dada

    dada New Member

    DA would be glad to help you, Dubai Apartments specializes in providing Furnished Apartments and Villas on Short term Accommodation!
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  9. Hunter and Hunter

    Hunter and Hunter New Member

    it varies ! 2 bedroom appartment in free hold areas annual rent start's from AED110K.
  10. Kaur

    Kaur New Member


    Hi ...A decent 2 BR apartment in a decent location with the usual facilities would cost around 100k-140k AED annually. The electricity and water would be separate.

    Getting a car is not a problem...UAE has excellent second hand car market...(very good prices)..

    If you need any help in dubai you can always contact me...
  11. karhong

    karhong New Member

    Looking for apartment rental


    This may be the wrong thread to ask.
    But if you can advice me on any of the below, I'll appreciate that very much.
    I am relocated to Dubai. Currently I am looking for long term accomodation.
    I seem to like the area at Marina(preferably) or the Greens, fully or semi-furnished.

    Does anybody have any apartments over there for rent ?
    Do you recommend any agencies ?
    What are the rentals like in those areas for furnished ?

    If so, I would be very much interested to initiate that conversation.

    Thanks in advance.
  12. hassan

    hassan New Member

    Apartment at the greens

    An apartment at the greens will cost you 30,000 dollars a ayear
  13. hassan

    hassan New Member

    Dubai Apartments

    Ande check this site out for rates og greens apartments

  14. seassonn

    seassonn New Member

    ibrahim / real estate agent



    IMRANGHANI New Member

    can some one guid me to as i would like to rent an apartment on the palm minimum 3 bed and must have sea view? thank you

    IMRANGHANI New Member

    has anybody got a 2 bed apartment in the greens for rental has to be furnished starting from september for 12 months for a family moving over ?
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