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Cheapest city in India

Discussion in 'India property' started by coordinates, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. coordinates

    coordinates New Member

    Which is the cheapest city to live in India?
  2. kavi77

    kavi77 New Member

    I think its Kolkatta. Rentals are low as compared to other metros, even the food rates are not high.
  3. Dave_Velasco

    Dave_Velasco New Member

    The last city I knew to be quite cheap is Mumbai. Not actually sure since I had never been in there, but a few of my friends who had been there say so.
  4. luckikong

    luckikong New Member


    Mumbai or Kolkata...i'm not sure...
  5. affinity

    affinity New Member

    Kolkata is cheaper than Mumbai. but i can't say which one is cheapest.
  6. seorahulchauhan

    seorahulchauhan New Member

    yeah i also agree with some of answer given above. Kolkata is really much cheaper city than any other indian city.
  7. sunnybora18

    sunnybora18 New Member

    Delhi is the cheapest city to live, food is also very cheap and transportation is also very cheap .
  8. Suzankhan

    Suzankhan New Member

    In metro cities its Kolkota
  9. miler

    miler New Member

    I also think kolkata is the cheapest city in india.
  10. shpune12

    shpune12 New Member

  11. webinravi

    webinravi New Member

    I have experience of many places. I have lived in Bhubneshwar, Kolkata, Mumbai, Patna, Ranchi, Bhagalpur, Cuttak, Vishakhapatnam and now Delhi. As compare according facilities Vishakhapatnam is the cheapest city.
  12. alien009

    alien009 New Member

    The cheapest city in india is hyderabad as well as kolkatta as per my knowledge.
  13. aahnagupta

    aahnagupta New Member

    Delhi is the cheapest city in India to live in as it gets its subsidies from Central government, As Hyderabad is the 2nd cheapest after delhi.
  14. may123

    may123 New Member

    I am new here and it's my first post. Very interesting topic. According to me it's kolkata. I'm sure because I'm from here.
  15. dishu

    dishu New Member

    I also think its Kolkata.
  16. Corey Conway

    Corey Conway New Member

    KOLKATA is soooo much cheapest city in India
  17. Rohitin

    Rohitin New Member


    I think Kolkata is cheapest city in India.

  18. vishalramuk

    vishalramuk New Member

    Cheapest city in India are:-
    (1) Jaipur
    (2) Jodhpur
    (3) Indore
    (4) Madurai
    (5) Kota
    (6) Varanasi
    (7) Bhopal
    (8) Kochi
  19. samjawed

    samjawed New Member

    Kolkata is the cheapest one
  20. samjawed

    samjawed New Member

    And if we talk about property investment in india then there are two cities ie. Hubli-Dharwad that are attracting peoples these days....
  21. Rohitin

    Rohitin New Member


    Mumbai, Delhi, bangalore ofcourse not cheapest. I think Hyderabad, nashik are cheap cities.

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