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BURJ RESIDENCIES - Launching on Saturday July 12

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by iimz, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. iimz

    iimz Banned

    Do you have any market predictions for this developmet ?
    I have a guranteed appointment within first 20-50, not sure if it would be easy to flip
  2. amazing. irs

    amazing. irs Banned

    Do you have more details about the launching, where at what time?????
  3. ffar

    ffar New Member

    Any idea if the prices will be similar to the Clarens 2 launch by Emaar in the Downtown Burj area a few weeks ago? Were people able to flip that property and at what premium?
  4. iimz

    iimz Banned

    Launch at Burj Sales Center at 9 am on Saturday - July 12
  5. amazing. irs

    amazing. irs Banned

    I called Damac sales dep. (have a friend there) they told me that is already lauched from 1 month ago!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. iimz

    iimz Banned

    This is for Emaar not Damac
  7. amazing. irs

    amazing. irs Banned

    sooryyyy I posted in the wrong place I was talknig about another project
    Thanks for information iimz
  8. iimz

    iimz Banned

    Let me know if you are interested to take it at 2.5% premium since i am going on leave
  9. kennyhubbard

    kennyhubbard New Member

    Hi guys,

    Just a couple of questions.....

    Has anyone figured out how the token numbering system works? What do the letters signify and how far up must one be to be sure of getting a unit?

    If one chooses to flip, does the new buyer still have to pay the transfer fee to Emaar, or is there some way around that?

    I picked up a token and will buy at least one unit, but also keen to see how to capitalise further on the opportunity......:)


  10. iimz

    iimz Banned


    This is how it should work. For Burj Residencies, they will start with tokens starting from letter A, starting from A01 upto A100 and by the time the next series starts they would have increased the prices by few hundred thousands or even half a million (Having seen the Bawadi Launch) and the cream would be over. Meaning the single or studio would probably be over.

    Therefore if you can buy a token with series A and buy with that your unit you may end up making some savings. However this way you will still pay 2% transfer fee (You cannot get that waived)
  11. rg_andi

    rg_andi New Member

    where do you register for this launch?
  12. kennyhubbard

    kennyhubbard New Member

    Hi andi,

    Go to and click on the main banner on their home page. I did a test run about half an hour ago and they already down to U tokens.


    Many thanks for your info.......I managed to get an A token:) I suspect that Emaar issued the first 50 tokens, at least, before registration......I wonder to whom? I was finished registering at 3 minutes past 10 this morning and only just got in the first 100.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2008
  13. investor302

    investor302 New Member

    with Avanti Holding
    where... wich project. my friend i think this is the best offer yet
  14. iimz

    iimz Banned

    I know someone who is willing to give away his token in Range A (Among first 50 buyers) for a token money. He may settle for 2%

    Since i cannot go for this launch due to some other commitments i am extending this offer to you
  15. wesrae

    wesrae New Member

    Guys you cannot sell or transfer your tickets! Emaar will not let you make any changes, the name and passport number on the ticket is the person that can buy. Thats the name that goes on the contract!

    Saying that I have worked out a way that it can be done. I have 2 tickets A40 and B3, I am willing to acquire properties for people. There is no risk either as it will be no property - no pay! I am willing to take only 1% of the property value.
  16. wesrae

    wesrae New Member

    I quite agree, I didn't mean to berate you, just advise you of the process. I tried this at the Warsan launch so just moving on from what I found out there.
  17. iimz

    iimz Banned

    I have A005 (Which means first 5). Let me if you want this token. Sms me on 055-6797000
  18. iimz

    iimz Banned

    Unfortunately i have another commitment so i am forced to sell this token. Give me a reasonable offer and i can send somebody with you
  19. iimz

    iimz Banned

    Dont worry about that, you will pay only if you buy something and that is my job to ensure that !! Give me an offer and i will facilitate it for you
  20. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    from what i have heard about this project is that they have already launched this project few weeks ago and the left overs are being offered to the public. Honestly I dont think I will be going for this for 3 reasons:

    1. Price will be too much since this is BURJ Dubai residence. Flipping is risky
    2. More projects coming up so I dont want my money tied up in burj dubai residence.
    3. These are left overs.

    I have my registration but dont think i will be investing here.
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