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    M.SALEEM New Member

    Has anyone got apt.at Ap5 please let me know
  2. kelliruston

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  3. aingeru

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    Hello M. Saleem,

    We haven´t got apart. at the Ap-5 yet. In fact, somebody told us that we´ll got it, maybe, next year, but we don´t really know. So we´d be interesting in getting back our money and we´d like to meet people like us, with the same problem.
  4. aingeru

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    Hello, we bought an apart. at AP-5, in Mediterranea Saidia. We´d like to sell it, if possible. It´s 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2 terraces. It´s about 100 square metres, including the surface of the terraces.
  5. graham12

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    At 5

    I am awaiting further information about the apartment I have bought.

  6. graham12

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  7. cocoanna

    cocoanna New Member

    Hi we have also bought on AP5.
    Not happy re final payment in MAD as
    other payments made in sterling so
    apartment will cost 20k + extra
  8. Theknolls

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    We have also bought on AP5 - we were told in August 2007 that it would be finished in September 2008. The latest info we have from Adoha is that it should be finalised in the second quarter of 2009 but the agents we bought through think this is a bit ambitious But they do think it will be in 2009. We feel it is better that we don't complete until at least some of the area such as the first golf course and shops etc are up and running. Any further info anyone has would be useful.
  9. Runda

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    hi there everybody. I "think" I have one in AP5. It is starting to scare me now - yes I was told it would be ready in June 2009 but haven't heard a thing - well in march I was told the agent seen it from afar - I am trying hard not to laugh -whatever that means. What is this about final payment in MAD - is that real Cocoanna? Aingeru, how did you manage to get your apartment and it finished?!!

    Tell me this everybody if you don't mind - I get e mails from Morocco Properties - is that how you get your information?

  10. Runda

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    Hello Kelliruston

    I meant to ask you why unfortunately? What has happened?:cool:
  11. graham12

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    Has anyone heard anything about AP5. I have been told I will get a new letter on the 20th July regarding updates ]© Oasis Beach & Golf Resort Ltd Morocco[/url]

  12. Runda

    Runda New Member

    Hi Graham12, my letter in April said I would have the keys by end of June (2009), today is 5 July.

  13. traceyw8727

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    Hi Graham,

    I assume you mean RT5? This is to be built by Oasis. My understanding is AP5 is a site developed by Fedessa and is almost complete? Oasis will be updating as you suggest on 20th July. There is an owners group where we get more info. Are you a member? Its run by Dolores. We will be looking to hold a purchasers meeting in due course to discuss various issues.

  14. Runda

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    Hi there
    Yes AP5 is being developed by Fadesa Maroc, latest I received from Elite properties is the solicitor will know when it will be completed and to now keep Elite properties in the loop. The solicitor hasn't replied to me either (2 weeks ago).... Does anyone on this site know anything about AP5 please as I don't know who to ask now?

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    saidia - shared concerns July 09

    Hi Tracey

    Sorry - I just rather randomly sent a friend request to you.

    I've just joined the site because of concerns over my purchase at The Greens in Saidia. (just had request for final money with proposed exchange in Sept/Oct ??

    I've put a thread out there to try to contact others - (see my post Barry.Flash (not my real name obviously)

    Hopefully I'll get to find my way about on this site so I can get to know some fellow purchasers - with shared concerns

  16. graham12

    graham12 New Member


    hI Tracey

    I am not a memeber but would be happy to join if you could send me a link.

    nothing arrived today about news letter.Have you heard anything.


  17. Isadora

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    [email protected]

    A copy of the newsletter was sent out yesterday. If you email the above contact you will be sent a copy.
  18. Runda

    Runda New Member

    Hi there

    Have you any update? I have nothing yet.

  19. barry.flash

    barry.flash New Member

    Hello everyone on this thread

    have you seen 'The Greens - Concerns ' thread?

    I'd like to be in touch with other buyers - to see what their experience is.

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