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Ajman Properties

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by Ali786, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Ali786

    Ali786 New Member

    Ajman is one of the seven Emirates that make up The United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the Federal Capital whilst Dubai is regarded as the Commercial Capital of The UAE. The Ajman is one of the Triangle Emirates close to Dubai and Sharjah. It is located strategically for business in the Center of U.A.E.

    There are two types of properties available in Ajman one is Downtown Ajman and the other is Emirates Road Area. In Downtown Ajman all properties are being build and manged by the Government of Ajman and no private devloper is allowed to build freehold there.

    Some of the freehold properties in Downtown are

    Horizon Towers
    Al Khor Towers
    Corniche Towrs
    Corniche Residence
    Orient Towers
    City Towers
    Ajman One
    Rashidya Tower
    Falcon Towers

    On Emirates Road there are many big projects was launced by the private developers some of them are

    Emirates City
    Marmoka City
    Al Awali City
    Eye OF Ajman
    Humaid City
    Escape Ajman
    UpTown Ajman
    and many more

    Both areas are good for investment but Downtown is considerd as top prority amoung investors.

  2. syedaat

    syedaat New Member

    You know that the master developers are the Ajman Gov even on the projects on Emirates Road. The master plans for example have been done Safarini on behalf of Ajman Gov.

    ITMASTER New Member

    COLDCREST SmartCity Smart City what you think about this it says starting prices 565AED on website.
  4. U.A.E.1973

    U.A.E.1973 New Member

    There are like you say Ali786 a mass of developments being proposed and approved at the moment in the Emirate of Ajman. There is a relatively new project that has not been mentioned in this thread yet called Al Zohrah, it is not so much of an individual project but a new city that will be created by jointly by the government and a private developer. It is going to require investment of approximately $60 billion.

    I have created a website with some incorporated promotional video's I ripped from Youtube so if you want to find out more about the area take a peek Portmill Estates

  5. McVelvet

    McVelvet New Member

    I recommend Lake Signature in Emirates Lake Towers. I just got a studio for 32K, and with a great payment plan over 3 years. There are only a few agents selling them but they are offering cheaper rates than the developer.
  6. patchoz

    patchoz New Member

    McVelvet, what rate psf did you buy at Lake Signature? I have been offered 530psf on the 27th floor at a 5% discount to developer list price.

    Can anyone recommend any other good developments at around this price bracket in Ajman?
  7. McVelvet

    McVelvet New Member

    That is cheaper than mine - I got it for 564 and thought that was a great deal.

    I don't think you will find anything as good as that in that location - Emirates Lake Towers is in a great spot and others like Humid city and Eye of Ajman don't compare

    Happy hunting :eek:)
  8. patchoz

    patchoz New Member

    In your opinion, do you think it is worth looking north of Emirates rd to Al Humaid City?? There is a development there (Al Owais Heights) that has a better payment plan (5 years), fitting in nicely with a quick sell in 6 months! It is also slightly cheaper than Lake Signature.

    What is your strategy in terms of holding or flipping your unit(s) and your expectations of capital appreciation??

  9. McVelvet

    McVelvet New Member

    I doubt you will be able to resell in 6 months - the amount of development going on in Ajman means the market for reselling will be a little flooded and only well positioned and high quality developments will have a resale value. You can always find a cheaper option, but their is usually a reason. I was more concerned about the value than the price.

    I am hoping to flip in about 8 months to a year, and am waiting to see what is happening with the rental cap in Dubai. The bonus of my studio is it's on the 25th floor, which is a winner...what floor is your offer on in the cheap one? It matters!

    Also, I personally think that a development must have something that makes it stand out from the crowd and there are so many being built at the moment - the lake at Lake Signature just makes it in my opinion and makes it that much more appealing when reselling
  10. rudeboy

    rudeboy New Member

    hey there can you plz forward me some details about the property you have recently purchased? I know u r not selling but I would also appreciate if you can please let me know where you got urs from maybe I could try from the same person too. email me on [email protected]
  11. twisty100

    twisty100 New Member

    I think resale will be possible in six months, the market is awash but is'nt the whole of the UAE? You will have to sell at a little less than the market rate but if teh market has gained 20% in 6 months then there is no problem selling for 15% growth.. Agree with you on some USP with the propoerty. I would suggest that an Escrow account and a gauranteed supply of electricty and water supply are a good start in Ajman...
  12. McVelvet

    McVelvet New Member

    Anyone know of any good completed projects in Ajman?
  13. twisty100

    twisty100 New Member

    There are none completed as of yet, earliest is 2010, however it is unlikely that these will have water and electricty. Greenwood Residence is devlopement with gauranteed water and elec and an escrow. This provide some level of security for your investment.
  14. golto

    golto New Member

    first completed free hold in ajman is al-naemia towers. nice option.
  15. McVelvet

    McVelvet New Member

    Thanks for that...anyone know who the developer is?
  16. MyDamac

    MyDamac Banned

  17. dipakn

    dipakn New Member

    greenwood residence, any more details where they are?
  18. Dubai-only

    Dubai-only New Member

    Looking for developments in Ajman

    Hi all i need some information about some excellent developments in Ajman. I would be very grateful if someone can guide and assist, moreover if i can get contact details of developer as well that would be fabulous.

  19. McVelvet

    McVelvet New Member

    Take a look at Lake Signature - I bought their. It's in Emirates Lake Towers, the best development in Ajman as it's a very high build standard, less crowded and with more green space than other developments, the master developer is Chapal (very well known), and it's is the closes development to Dubai. The current per square foot rate in Emirates Lake Towers is close to 600 AED now but their is an agent out there offering Lake Signature for 530 AED. You get a Lake View with is always great for resale or rental...and the 27th floor should give me great views of the Dubai skyline
  20. Dubai-only

    Dubai-only New Member

    Hi can anyone please give me the names and contact numbers of some developers in Downtown Ajman perhaps for the below developments

    Horizon Towers
    Al Khor Towers
    Corniche Towrs
    Corniche Residence
    Orient Towers
    City Towers
    Ajman One
    Rashidya Tower
    Falcon Towers

    All help would be very much appreciated.

  21. TheHaider

    TheHaider New Member

    Lakeview Tower Emirates City

    I have got a 1 bed flat in Lakeview Tower in Emirates City at the highest floor. It costed me 575 per sq ft. I could get slightly cheaper than this one in the same tower but on the lower floors which I wasn't ready to go for as I was contineously thinking of its future potential value.

    I hope I have made a right decision. Any comments would be appreciated.
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