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    Hi all,
    We have decided we would like to purchase a property in Turkey.
    Is there anyone that has first hand knowledge that can recommend credible estate agents and solicitors who are extremely good to work with and will guide us through the process. I have read too many horror stories of people getting ripped off by unscrupulous agents/builders. What we are looking for is an apartment to be used purely as an investment, taking advantage of capital growth and rental income. As yet we have no plans to move out there. I would also welcome suggestions on best area/s to invest in. Having researched Dubai as a possible location I feel Turkey has more to offer and is a 'safer' bet long term. I may of course be wrong. Any useful website suggestions would be welcome also. I don?t want to go plundering into anything without doing a great deal of research and hearing from people who have experienced the process first hand.
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    First hand knowledge.İS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR .;)
    I have lived in the kusadasi area for ten years here are my views on the area.

    Kusadasi the four area's
    1. Town / Centre
    2. Ladies Beach
    3. Long Beach
    4. Davutlar Guzelcamla

    Kusadasi Town
    If you are looking for a house to stay 12 months a year town is the place to look for one. Although very crowded during summer, town is busy 12 months a year. You do not need a car for this region. Most of the town is walking distance and you may also use the regular minibus (dolmus) service within town which runs on regularly between 7:00 AM 11:30 PM. The negative side of town is that you need to take a dolmus (minibus) to reach beach or you may walk to the public beach in downtown. Shopping is easy as almost all the shops are open 12 months a year. Restaurants, cafes and bars are also open throughout the year. In summary those who are thinking about staying during for winter should look for a house or apartment in town

    Ladies Beach Region
    In summer, Ladies Beach area, one of the most preferred area in kusadasi located 2 kms south of town.The down side of having a house in Ladies Beach is that the region is dead between November 1 and May 1. If you are planning to stay during summer ladies Beach can be the right location for you. The sandy beach is 1 km long and is usually very crowded during July and August. Houses in this region are usually dublexes with small gardens. There are also many sites (group of houses) in Ladies Beach. There is regular minibus (dolmus) service between town and Ladies Beach. It is a 5 minute dolmus (minibus) ride and a 15 minute walk to town The shops are open between May 1 and November 1, some market shops are open 12 months a year. It is very quite in winter and therefore should be considered as a spot for summer season.

    Long Beach Region:
    Long Beach is located 10 kms south of and like Ladies Beach it is lively in summer and completed deserted in winter months. A 10 km long sandy beach. Summer houses and a couple of hotels are scattered parallel to the beach. You would be lucky to find a house right on the beach. Most of the available ones are in the second, third or fourth lane and are 100 to 200 meters away from the beach. The are convenient store that are open between May 1 and November 1 in this area. However, for major shopping you need to go to kusadasi There is also one of the major aqua park of Turkey, Long Beach Aqualand in this area. If you are looking for a quite location, Long Beach area can be the right place for you. There is regular minibus (dolmus) service between long Beach and kusadasi town running between 7:30 AM 11:30 PM. In winter this service is not regular.The last minibus (dolmus) leaves kusadasi at 7 pm.

    Davutlar Guzelcamla
    Davutlar and Guzelcamlik are two small towns located 20 kms south of towards the end ofkusadasi Bay. The famous National Park (Kalamaki) is near this region. You may do your grocery and other fundamental shopping in the bazaar of Davutlar or Guzelcamlik. National Park (Kalamaki) is 1 km away from Guzelcamlik and is a preserved paradise for visitors. Pine Tree Forest reaches the shores of Aegean Sea. The crystal clear sea of National Park makes it a perfect beach location. Most of the houses in this region are duplexes with small gardens. The water front houses are rare to find and expensive compared to those situated behind. This region is quite deserted in wintertime. There is regular minibus (dolmus) service between these two towns and kusadasi running between 7:30 AM 11:30 PM during summer and more rare service continues during winter The prices of houses are significantly lower in this region. If you are planning to stay during summer only this region along with Long Beach is a choice you should consider.

    A final word of warning, This is from personnel experience,

    Long Beach+ Davutlar Guzelcamla can become very isolated in the winter months. If you miss the last minibus (dolmus) The only other form of transport is a taxi. This can prove to be very expensive if you are wanting to visıt kusadasi often for nights out. There is a big problem in the winter month's in Long Beach+ Davutlar and Guzelcamla with dogs that have been abandoned.They can be be very threatening to some.

    My views and thoughts. I am sure there will be other's that disagree with them,

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    Guzelcamli has a population of approx 5500 and does not close down in winter, I am there now and this week I have eaten in the same two restaurants that I eat in during the summer, I shop in the same shops and see many of the same people. It is obviously a bit quieter in winter and deserted. Guzelcamli is a lovely vibrant village and I see that there are more ex-pats than ever now living there all year round.
    The national park (Dilek Milli Park) is very beautiful in March/April/May when it is a riot of colour with the spring flowers, June/July/August/Sept you need to get in early in the morning to see the wildlife and then later on you can enjoy the beaches,Oct to Feb it is a great time to get some real peace and quiet . The Milli Park can be accessed by foot / hired bike or scooter, dolmus or private car ALL year round. There is an ATM by the bus station, a small clinic, a dentist and numerous doctors.
    The first of the Milli Park beaches (Guzelcamli Beach) is soft sand, the Kücük Kalamaki, Büyük Kalamaki, Babaderesi Agzi, Kavakli and Karapinar beaches are pebbly.
    There is also the main beach that runs for 17km from Guzelcamli round to Kusadasi, this is a wide and sandy beach.
    95% of the holiday homes are Turkish owned and this adds greatly to the charm.
    Some shops, eateries and services speak German/English/French

    Guzelcamli is now more expensive than Davutlar, prices have risen sharply during the last 18 months. There are plans to extend the fishing harbour into a marina in Guzelcamli, completion dates are very fuzzy but average estimates are 2-3yrs and when this arrives then prices will rise sharply.The dolmus service to Kusadasi is every 30-40 mins and runs till midnight during the summer and 7ish during the winter. There are also direct coach services to Izmir, Istan bul and other major cities.
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    Thank you for you post.

    However Davutlar Tansas supermarket closes Sept till march for the winter months.Any one wishing to buy property in these areas guzelcamli or Davutlar you will have to travel.for your main shopping; and a vehicle is reccomended,and dont forget about the bus finishing early during the winter.
    All these things have to be considered when you are buying. especially if you are buying to rent out.

    May be in 2-3yrs things will hopefully change.for guzelcamli + Davutlar
    Untill then both areas are still considered by the majority of turkish people as holiday home's areas.

    I did say they where my views and thoughts.And i am sure there will be other's that would disagree with them.;)

    Re the apartment in town you enquired about on the other thread.İ Have answered your questions in pm.
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    I have been looking around Guz for a friend who wants either a nice little villa or an apartment for £25k, of the very very few there are they all need about 5-10000 spending on them making them £30k plus and they are not what you would call nice.
    Just over a year ago you could buy here in Guz for well under £20k and all it needed was a lick of paint, now it is not possible. It is because it is popular with the Turks that the prices are going up, its not ex-pat pressure.
    You are obviously and agent, you find me something decent for under £30K in Guzelcamli.

    Hi Lane,
    Dont bother with a solicitor, they only do what a proper agent would do but charge a lot more. The agent will check for any impediments or debts etc.
    The agent is the key, you have got to shop around.
    If it's an apartment you're after I would ask around the other owners in the block to see if there are any hidden problems.
    The majority agents are honest, it is just avoiding the problem ones,
    Always ask to see a copy of the title deed, always find out what the service charges are and if there is an empty block of land next to you, pop into the local council and check out map with the proposed plan of the town ( most of them have them on public display) so you'll know if it's gonna be more housing, a park or a glue factory.
    But whatever you do, shop around.
  6. TH4S

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    İf any one is going to buy a property in or around the kusadasi area please use a estate agent that is a member of the (KUSEMDER),Group.Kusadasi Association of Estate Agents" They should have a cerificate on there wall .

    My advice is the same as it away's will be. in purchashing any property.No matter where Seek legal advice.

    NO. They did not buy two years ago and trying to sell on at a riduculous amount.
    NO. They would not do that would they.

    You have admitted your self you bought several!!for well under £20k You want.Sorry How much is your property's worth .£30K £35K. We cant blame the Turks for everything can we.They did however sell you your property.

    Please take your freind to a Reputable Agents.
    Alternativly ask her to give me a call, my contact details are in my profile. we may be able to help her,And yes i am obviously a agent and i have made no attempts to hide it,
    Thank You,
  7. TH4S

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    Mr lawyer.Solicitor Wellcome.we may need your help one day,;)

    Please feel free to put your contact details in your profile.then members will be able to contact you direct.

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    First off think location, Proximity to airports that are open all year is important most people will not travel further than 1 hour from an airport, this is then important if you wish to let or eventually resell.
    which coast do you want ?? west coast the season is a bit shorter and a bit colder in the winter. south coast as far as fethiye a bit the same with slightly longer season. South coast east of Taurus mountains a bit longer season and a bit drier because of the mountains to the west of Antalya. Also Antalya airport all year open. downside is its a bit more expensive.

    Do you want to buy in full on resort?? if so your resale market is then much more dependant on foreign buyers, thus if you want better market for resale think of the bigger towns which are part resort but have a Turkish market also.

    Try to find somewhere with sea views and close to beach allways easier to sell or if it has golf courses and other popular amenities close by.
  9. 1.Fethiye somewhere close to (Blue lagoon) Ölüdeniz
    3.Kalkan and Kaş
  10. Yogi

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    I have recently bought in Akbuk, it is a stunningly beautiful area and in my opinion a good investment location.
  11. TH4S

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    Please note this thread was started .04-09-2006,

    And the new buying laws have yet to be announced . ;)
  12. onsevim

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    Best part is Antalya, Side area

    Side is one of the most attractive and popular resorts of the Turkish Mediterranean coast with long sandy beaches. The antique town centre sits on a charming peninsular, populated by roman ruins, beautiful harbour, places of interest and a shopper’s paradise. The ancient amphitheatre constantly hosts festivals, music and dance shows under the romantic moonlight.

    There are already 10 established top notch golf courses in the area. Indeed, with over 30 golf courses planned for Antalya region over the next 10 years, Side promises to be at the centre of Europe’s most exciting new golfing area. All of this is just 45 minutes drive from Antalya International Airport, which is served by year-round flights from the UK and Europe.

    ONSA-PROPERTY - Property in Turkey
  13. Kale

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    Investment opportunities

    Turkey has long been established as a place for overseas buyers to purchase properties in the major southern resorts like Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris. Many of these areas have little room left for further development and are now more costly. Istanbul is increasingly being targetted by overseas investors who are looking for properties to buy which can then be subsequently rented out. After a year or two these properties can then be re-sold at a handsome profit. Property prices on the outskirts of Istanbul are still relatively cheap and offer ample scope for capital appreciation on resale.
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    Everyone mentions Bodrum. Fethiye. Marmaris.Didem. Kusadasi.Altinkum.Side. Akbuk,and Istanbul

    Yet no one mentions Selcuk..Why .?

    The relatively small city of Selçuk, with its population of around 44,000, lies only 75kilometers from İzmir's city center and offers countless treasures. The town also boasts the İsa Bey Mosque, an important example of Selçuk Turk architecture. What's more transportation to Selçuk couldn't be easier; visitors can reach it by sea, air, road or train.

    Izmir Airport,is only 55 Km to Selçuk.

    The train station is located in the center of the village, you can easily go to Izmir, Pamukkale and other places of Turkiye,

    Izmir the third biggest city of Turkiye,75km away from the town and buses are available in every 15 minutes.

    Ephesus Airport is approximately 3km far from Selçuk but it is only for private planes.Ephesus Airport is approximately 3km far from Selçuk

    There are Plans to further expand the already lively tourism industry in the region are at hand. There are proposed plans to build three golf courses in the Selçuk district of Pamucak, which lies on the coast ..

    Looks like Selcuk is the next place for a property boom....?
  15. kusadasisun

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  16. TH4S

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    Thank you for confirimg that, İ did post a while ago on the four area's of Kusadasi,

    A final word of warning, This is from personnel experience,

    Long Beach+ Davutlar Guzelcamla can become very isolated in the winter months. If you miss the last minibus (dolmus) The only other form of transport is a taxi. This can prove to be very expensive if you are wanting to visıt kusadasi often for nights out. There is a big problem in the winter month's in Long Beach+ Davutlar and Guzelcamla with dogs that have been abandoned.They can be be very threatening to some.

    My views and thoughts. I am sure there will be other's that disagree with them,

    I see we have someone with common sense, who did not .;)
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    I bought in Alanya and me and my family find it very relaxing with all the mod cons required.

    The company I bought from are Irish and provide a great after sales service with full security.

    Let me know if want more info.

  18. cece

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    If you want to buy to let properties. There are some companies offers guaranteed rental programs. You can buy from them. Also try to buy in complex with good amenities and near to center to give easily rent to other people. Companies offers around %5 yearly return from the investment by rent if you make it by your own you can get around %8.
    These rates are from my own investments in Bodrum.
  19. paul-steve

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    Kusadasi deffo, a new golf course is underway now. Prices will go up
  20. kusadasisun

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    Prices in Kusadasi is already quite lower than similar areas in Turkey. When the market turns, Kusadasi will leap forward. Property sales to foreigners will resume again sometime this month. Time to buy in Kusadasi! ;)

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