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Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Bollen, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Bollen

    Bollen New Member

    In your personal opinion, which real estate market is currently thriving the most?
  2. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Whether a destination is thriving or not isnt something I look for in an investment proposition. If its already thriving your too late!

    Its about looking for new destinations, but must include a detailed examination of many factors often overlooked.

    For example the length of season, how easy to repatriate funds, the ease of resale and ease of rentals as well as flight times to mention just a few.
    Its about then finding the gems within that nation and steering clear of the many Dogs.

    My opinion - Morocco without any doubt. The gems - the 'Plan Azure' resorts.
  3. vngrape

    vngrape New Member

    Investy, I have been reading your posts everywhere in this forum and you are getting to me. Now, I find myself wanting to invest in Morocco. You seem to know a whole lot in real estate.
  4. FlexiBox

    FlexiBox New Member

    Investy and others definately offer good advice. If you are looking into Morocco seriously there are a lot of people on here than can help you out. My only advice is stay away from a development called Tanjah.
  5. sharmer

    sharmer New Member

    sham elsheikh properties

    hi dear,
    u've got to think about buying a property in sharm elsheikh...the city is really wonderfull..lots of english , italians are residents over there...
    a lady (Real estate agent ) might help u...with properties photos ( fantastic sea view) through the mail and also contractors, lawyers, trnslators

    just e-mail her, hope she will answer u back..
    [email protected]
  6. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Ive invested in other areas, but Morocco is such a no - brainer hence I get a little over - excited.

    I heard on Radio 5 this morning that 10% of Dubai residents are now British. When u think Morocco is so much closer yet will offer wide open beaches, luxury accomodation and an exotic year round destination I imagine it will become a key tourist destination.

    It has something quite unique - it appeals to trendy types, thanks to its illustrious history as a destination for artists and rock stars. R Branson has opened a hotel here and the nightclub 'Pasha' have just opened thier doors.
    I can imagine a very trendy nightclubbing scene openeing up.
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