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Why to invest in Bulgaria?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by bunsy, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. bunsy

    bunsy New Member

    Hi there,

    I would like to explain why Bulgaria is a good place for investment .
    Property prices are certainly amongst the lowest in Europe for a number of reasons:

    Prices - In the last year we have seen prices in popular areas rise by more than 25% and this year the demand is pushing prices further ahead. In particular, prices for new-build apartments in Sunny Beach and Varna area are hitting 1,000 euros per sq. metre and many developments are now sold out. In our opinion prices for this type of property should see some stabilization.
    Bulgaria real estate prices are by far lower than other destinations in Europe but the acceptance of Bulgaria in the European Union provides unprecedented growth potential that will certainly boost the prices of the Bulgaria real estate in the near future. According to US real estate agents, buying real
    estate in Bulgaria in the near future is one of the most profitable investments in the world right now.

    Bulgaria has something to offer everyone at some of the most inexpensive prices in Europe.;)

  2. john55

    john55 New Member


    You're very right. Bulgaria a perfect opportunty fori nvestment, holidays and a lovely place to live in. There ar not many places in the world that you can buy land next to finest beach sands. I live close to the sea town of Burgas, 5min away from the sea, the Burgas Airport and close to many beautiful mountanious resorts...If you have any questions about Bulgaria contact me:

    [email protected] ;)
  3. alien_xp

    alien_xp New Member

  4. gsash

    gsash New Member

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  5. John_FX

    John_FX New Member

    If you are still interested in Bulgaria maybe you can take a look at , where you can find useful information
  6. OutFox

    OutFox New Member

    Why Bulgaria is not such a great investment

    Sorry to blow the bubble, but Bulgarian holiday home are not such a good investment for several reasons:
    - There is over supply in coastal resorts and ski areas, which means after the rental guarantees are over there is no rental market
    - There seasons are short, so there is a problem renting out for the remaining months.
    - Prices are going up, but ask someone who has owned a property and tried to sell it, you will find, in general, that peoplr are finding it hard to sell the properties - even at a major discount.
    - Even if a property seems good value, let me ask you a question - if you cant sell it, is it still cheap - you must always have a clearly defined exit strategy.

    My suggestion is to stick to the major cities and go for locally sustainable growth, ie what the locals can afford and what they can afford to rent from you, for 12 rather than 3 months a year.


  7. John_FX

    John_FX New Member

    Why you allways want to make money? Most people buy a property to rest and enjoy in a different pleace, not to make money, and Bulgaria is a beautiful place!!!
  8. redhead

    redhead Guest

  9. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

  10. e.motion

    e.motion Banned

    Why buy.

    Everyone is either "mafia", "drug dealer" or some "FARM BOY with ideas of global dominance". Also the corruption, the pollution, the dirty and full of holes streets.
    OK now everyone in defence is going to say... It has nature Nature (So what the big deal Romania also has, and even better).
    But things for Bulgaria aren't what they use to be 25 years ago... Gypsies are cutting trees and selling them. Forest fires are destroying huge areas, greedy Bulgarians are starting fires on places they wanna build, so they can avoid BG laws.. Anyway the only reason I see for buying here is CAPITAL INVESTMENT. And all of you should be ashamed for fooling people to think that this is a great place. Half of the population works as taxi drivers, the other half steals from the taxi drivers. "In ten year". That is what everyone says, well ok in ten years gypsies will be around 3 million Bulgarians around 4.5 miil. Turks will be around 1.2 1.3 mill. I say buy-and sell make some money to be able to afford something in a Proper COUNTRY like Cyprus.
  11. najnaj

    najnaj New Member

    yes, the Balkans and espacially Bulgaria are hot market nowadays, because the properties there are still the cheapest in Europe, but in the same time with great potential in the future. Except that this is target place for all European structural funds programs and grants...
  12. geordie

    geordie New Member

    Bulgaria is one of the most over-hyped and risky markets to invest in. It is subject to mis-selling and corruption. The summers are very short and investors would be lucky to get 10 weeks of rented in high season. There is now way these investments will wash their faces and these markets are going to tumbling down around investors.

    The markets are filled with over supply and over inflated property. There is no conceivable exit strategy for the poor souls who have bought their. Agents are given 15% commissions to sell this rubbish and the people on here who say otherwise are either agents or people who have bought and therefore trying to talk the market up.

    At the end of day investors should stick to good economic fundamentals and go markets where they can target renters who are young professionals and where they can rent all year round. Every investor should have an exit strategy and know who how they are going to sell their property and who the is going to buy it. If you buy in Bulgaria you are competing with thousands of other buy to let investors. Hotels are so cheap out there why would people bother renting an apartment? If they do it is a very budget market.

    The holiday-let market is even suffering in established markets like the Algarve. When the apartment market reached 15% of tourist stays there three years ago the response was to build hotels to take their market share or reduce the price of hotel rooms. The result is the the holiday let market is now under 10% and yields are lower than they have ever been, and this is a region where there is year round sunshine.

    Developers in Balkans are taking advantage of naive westerners. You should always treat buying abroad like you would if you were buying in the UK or Ireland and undertake the same amount of research and take the same precautions. If you did you certainly wouldn't buy in Bulgaria.

  13. najnaj

    najnaj New Member

    I can not agree. For example a house outside of London costs approximately 200000 pounds, and in Bulgaria you can find houses with beautiful nature and quiet environment aroun for 3000 pounds. This is 67 times cheaper!!! Anybody expect to buy something so cheap and it to be perfect?
    Even for 30000 pounds you can find marvelous house, which is still much cheaper comparing with rest of Europe.
    Except that if you are serious buyer and rely on reputable agency as well as good solicitor there is nothing dangerous. Do you think it is possible everybody to lie you- the agency, brokers, solicitors, lawyers, law-court, banks etc? Probably the entire country unit itself against you and everybody is ready to break the law with the only purpose to cheat you! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha....
    Another example- the agencies in Germany or Belgium usually take 6-7 % commission from property purchasing; in Bulgaria- 2%. Is it worse or better?
    If you add the facts as the life standard, developming opportunities...All the lecturers in common congress of FIABCI and CEREAN last October emphasize that Balkans are "hot" market nowadays; they know something about real estates, don't you think?
  14. geordie

    geordie New Member


    FIABCI and CEREAN pare blatantly looking after their own interests because that is what their members pay them to do - they are one of the voices representing developers and agents, so they are hardly going to tell people not to invest, it is PR at its very basic. You need to look at the hard facts such as the local market and difference between affordability and the exorbitant prices of local the property being sold to Irish and UK investors. The commissions being paid to agents selling this rubbish is up to 15% and some of highest in the overseas property market and these costs just get passed onto the buyers,

    There is nothing wrong in principle with the sort of property you are talking about if it is a lifestyle choice and someone is after a run down bolthole in a quaint part of the Bulgarian countryside, indeed the prices of these types of properties is a good reflection of what the property prices are like in the 'real' Bulgaria property market as these prices are guided by what the locals can afford. However, buyers of your cheaper properties shouldn't expect to make any money and this is why most of the Uk and Irish investors are spending much great sums of properties that are much smaller eg apartments in the hope that they will make profits. The sad fact is that these people won't make any money either because to make profits the market has to be pushed by demand and at the moment the developers are the ones who are pushing the prices up by simply selling new phases of their developments at higher prices than their previous developments. A free market is guided by supply and demand and both the Bulgarian Balkan sea and ski markets are characterised by over supply and lack of demand for second-hand properties, so investors will have very few people wanting to buy their properties. IN the meantime neither these markets have year round demand and investors will struggle to cover their costs. These are very basic fundamentals that need to be addressed for a successful investment e.g. how do I sell it? Who will buy it? And how do I cover my costs until then?

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