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Why not invest in Tenerife, Canary Islands, prices are falling...

Discussion in 'New and Emerging Property Markets' started by cassiopeia, May 20, 2008.

  1. cassiopeia

    cassiopeia New Member

    There are some great opportunities in Tenerife, specially in the North of the island. The best offers are in second hand properties which have spectacular prices considering their position with superb views, big plots and good locations. Would be great to get someone interested in our sunny island.
  2. flip

    flip New Member

    How much have prices gone down by???
  3. cassiopeia

    cassiopeia New Member

    It depends on what you are looking for. The big properties have fallen around aprox. 10 %.It also has to be clarified that the prices on the island of Tenerife never reached levels like on the Mainland (Marbella, etc. ). As an example there is this property in the center of Puerto de la Cruz with 634 m2, 6 floors, indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, fully equipped at a price of
    € 1.187.000,--.
  4. andyintheworld

    andyintheworld New Member

    I know Tenerife very well and whilst prices on websites and in shop windows havent fallen by much - allsorts f offers are being accepted.

    The island economy is in a state of free fall, estate agents are going out of business all over the place - both English and Spanish companies.

    I have family in the North of Tenerife who mainly serve the Spanish construction and aggregates market and they told me last week business was down 50% year on year - shocking.

    I know a lawyer in Tenerife who has just taken on a hefty case load from one of the banks for repossessions - more than they can handle at the moment.

    Could be some great bargains to be had but you would have to think about how long it would take to offload the properties again at a profit.

    There is also the 10% in costs and taxes that you have to account for before you calculate your profits.

    But, if you can put 30% down - mortgages are fairly straightforward for "clean" clients - more is achievable but can be difficult
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