Why is this board so dead?

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Just curious, this board is pretty dead. Are there other forums where there are more exchange of ideas? I own on the greens & Radison beach and spa , and it seem like nobody has anything to write ever. I know or assume we have jobs but where is the action?
I also have a place in Costa Rica, and I'm trying to buy another...


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There in my opinion is generally a little more on the eye on worldwide website ?


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I visit various forums and dont have to log - in, so I can quickly dip in and ping off a post. This forum is annoying in that I forget to log in, go to the effort of writing a post only to submit and be asked to log in, but by then I cant be @rsed.

Furthermore I want good debate but more often than not you get some robotic agent making innane pretty dim witted posts that add nothing to the debate.
Property Logic are in my opinion pretty aloof and unresponsive which has had the effect of numbing peoples sense of excitement and attachment. For example some of us wanted mosquitto blinds and all we got was some glib response it is'nt being considered - how bloody rude and insulting - no reason. no justification. All these little incidents add up and people dont forget.
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