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    Student property has always been good for profit and you don't have to invest a great deal in interiors.
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    I bet some of these managed property funds would snap your hand off if you had a relatively large portfolio of student accommodation. Pretty much guaranteed cash flow as well as long-term potential for capital appreciation.
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    With the rise of private investment into the student accommodation market, the new private options start to rival the offerings of the university. Usually, both the interior and exterior is of higher standard and the prices appear to be more democratic as there's no "badge of trust" on the property from the university. The unis do still tend to get the prime locations though. The most profitable private student accommodation tends to be of luxury class, aiming at the foreign students with deep pockets like Chinese or Russians. There are plenty of student property in London for example on this agent's website [SPAM - DELETED} - have a look I bet you'd find a couple of interesting investment options.
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    John, I am sure that the forum owner will take action as this is your first post and already you are promoting other websites - does not look good mate :cool:

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