Why Indyref2 won’t hit Scottish property prices

Discussion in 'UK Property' started by realdeals, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. realdeals

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    This week the Scottish government announced plans to hold another Scottish independence referendum within the life of the current Scottish parliament which ends in 2021. However, with support for a referendum in this timescale standing at just 20% it is unlikely to be successful or even occur. As a consequence, despite the doom and gloom surrounding yet more constitutional upheaval this is unlikely to have a major impact upon Scottish property prices.
  2. diyhelp

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    First of all markets do not believe it will happen and secondly there is a feeling that the popularity of the SNP has peaked and there have even been rumours of Nicola Sturgeon being pushed out of office. Is it a coincidence that the SNP conference starts next week and the FM has made this vague "promise"?
  3. Every time we see a big constitutional change the best thing to do is look at the money markets. Every media channel, every newspaper and every individual has their own agenda. Investment markets and money markets work on pure fact with no emotion. They are the most transparent!
  4. Longterminvestor

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    We have been here before - the only major issue in my mind would be the idea of creating a new Scottish currency (probably floating) which would impact the spending power of those with £ savings and future pensions from the UK government. At the same time Scotland would need to adopt the Euro if it went independent and re-joined the EU. More smoke and mirrors from the SNP I fear.
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    I have read that Scotland would initially use sterling, then a Scottish currency and then transfer to the euro, all possibly within a decade. Absolute madness!

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