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Who to trust ??

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by propertyinvest, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    Hi , i have posted some info on my purchases in morocco. But come accross some problems with honest information being put on this forum. I have noticed alot of negative replys to investors posts regarding Morocco. Also was checking profiles to see what else they was providing, and to be honest it is all the same , slate 1 project which is the best and promote there own, like i have said in previous posts it makes sense to do that if you are trying to make sales but it is not good for us the investor .Why is it that someone can put whatever they want and we all beleive it .

    I have spoke to a few developers in Morocco about this, but there is not much they can do , they know what companies are doing it or agents.

    So what i am trying to do is be careful , it is not nice to be stung , we work hard for out money and would be nice to get the correct facts.

    Hope this helps.
  2. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Hi Propertyinvest,please dont take this as a negative reply,

    Re Who to trust? members must read and hopefully check other members profiles. they then can make there own minds up,we have asked our members several times to put there websites in there profiles,other members can then see and hopefully learn who they are dealing with,SOME HAVE SOME HAVE NOT!.

    Members new or old are entitled to there own opinion,How can we honestly say who is.or is not.posting honest information,Its a impossible task,

    Bob as pointed out these 1 posters are in a small minority,Lets not have a few posters spoil a excellent run property forum,

  3. propertyinvest

    propertyinvest Active Member

    I know it is a impossible task for you guys to keep a track on things, i just thought it would be good to put some light on the subject, as a investor you want to most upto date knowledge and info , so maybe this might help or manybe not , but it will make anyone think twice about what to believe, i have experience with good deals and bad, making mistakes it a part of it you have to learn , but it helps if you can have a head start.

    All the best
  4. flip

    flip New Member

    My thoughts on this is its easy just look at what they write
    who they talk about and how they come across
  5. Rixxy

    Rixxy New Member

    You have to take into consideration some genuine people are just as passionate about their belief in what is a good development and what is not.

    Some agents will push and promote their wares and do this the easy way - jumping on the bandwagon as everyone else has done.

    Others genuinely want to show a good investment/project/second home for their clients and are able to overcome all objections in a rational way, pointing out the differences for the client to make their own mind up.

    Surely the only way is to objectively allow discussion on every development and invite comments from genuine buyers as to their experiences.

    Only time will tell if the development lives up to its hype - or not
  6. manor park

    manor park New Member


    Is it possable to stop bahhatte spamming up this site by replying in a raft of old threads, this one is from January!!

    The front page is full of them.

  7. DC

    DC Member

    I think you have to trust yourself, and read around, and then speak to people who resonate with what you are saying.

    It is important to have balance, not all is good, not all is bad, but some things will rise if they are good.

    To be considerate to people who have invested, and no one has a crystal ball, but try to act intelligently and give honest feedback.

    The forums are quite valuable as a source of information or an insight. It would be good if there are different categories. eg. Private Investors should have an I profile or an Agent a different color, so people know who is what.

    It is easy to be the friends or give people guidance and then underneath you are client hunter directing clients to certain developments.

    More transparancy, integrity and showing oneself and your commercial interests. ie. Potential investor, Private investor, Agent, Developer would help. It is all a sea of blue at the moment!
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