Who is looking for developer funding?

Discussion in 'Development' started by Gareth Bain, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Gareth Bain

    Gareth Bain Member Forum Partner

    Are there any developers out there looking for development funding?

    Shojin Property Partners specialise in equity funding and can provide up to 90% equity on developments that meet our funding criteria. We can also help with Debt, Bridge and Mezz funding if needed. To find out more visit http://shojin.co.uk/property-funding

    Get in touch to find out more information.
    [email protected]
    0203 871 5959
  2. realdeals

    realdeals Active Member

    What areas of the property market do you specialise in?
  3. Gareth Bain

    Gareth Bain Member Forum Partner

    We specialise in development projects such as new builds and conversions. If you require funding between £500k and £10m we can assist.
  4. Nicholas Wallwork

    Nicholas Wallwork Editor-in-Chief Staff Member Premium Member

    Hi Gareth, let's have a chat as in the development side to our business we need a solution to replace our existing private equity bridge loans quickly once we've secured a site so we can then move across to new sites in the pipeline quicker... we're looking to scale with the right finance partner so keen to see if your products could help...


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  5. Gareth Bain

    Gareth Bain Member Forum Partner

    Hi Nicholas,

    Happy to have a conversation. Feel free to drop me an email [email protected]

  6. kchiggs

    kchiggs Member

    Hi Gareth.
    I'd like to discuss how I might be able to value add particularly on the new build side of things.
  7. Gareth Bain

    Gareth Bain Member Forum Partner

    Sure, not a problem. Drop me an email [email protected] and I will get one of our development team members to be in touch with you.

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