Who invests in USA?

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Hi everyone,
This question is for those who are generous enough to share specific information.

Which financial institutions (not brokers) will loan to foreign nationals (us Aussie's)????

This is my third attempt & would really appreciate your help.

All the best


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Hi Jacab,
Are you asking which of the big US banks loan to foreign nationals?
Or are you asking the names of the financial institutions (usually only accessed by brokers) that loan to us foreign nationals.
I cant give you the name of the lenders the brokers get loans for us foreign nationals because I think they keep that info to themselves as it is their business and I would assume the lenders have an agreement with the brokers.
I can tell you that the big banks in the states(as far as I?m aware) will lend to an aussie if either
1)you have a social security number and a good credit history(this is the best way but very hard to get)
2)You have built a credit history within the USA in form of a mortgage (eg through a broker or somewhere) or something of that nature to build confidence with the bank
(note :I have been told that if you build a relationship with one of the banks and use a business banking LLc account for yr transactions over a year or so and get an US credit card and keep it paid up to date the bank should be able to grant loans after that period ,but as most aussies are new to US investing we still need to prove this!)
PM me if u would like to talk to a business banker in the USA to do further research.

Personally I think yr best to get an actual mortgage from a broker and then build confidence with the bank that way, but I am currently doing the credit card thing etc as well.
Good luck
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