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which coast is best?

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by martinm, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. martinm

    martinm New Member

    hi all, i am looking to invest in morocco but dont know which coast is the best for investment?
  2. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    In terms of weather and likely rentals the Med is better than North Atlantic. (Wind is stronger along North Atlantic and others have told me weather isn't as good there.) The further South you go aong the Atlantic coast the better. Places like Agadir have proper 12 month seasons, but the flying time is longer.

    If you are limiting your search to the coasts then I'd suggest Plan Azzur developments, with all the amenities they offer, are a safer bet than smaller developments (unless a big player like Emaar ot Fadesa are behind them.) For now only Saidia (Med) and Port Lixus (North Atlantic) have had prices launched. Essaouri could well be the pick of the bunch. Everyone I know that's been there raves about it. The same can not be said for Casablanca, Agadir or Tangier
  3. Tony jones

    Tony jones New Member

    Atlantic coast Morocco

    Hi, i would recommend the Agadir area on the Atlantic coast, reason year round sunshine and the beaches are fantastic.The area of Aglou south Agadir has recently been re-classified as touristic and there are 6 new developments that i know of under way. This area is one for the future.
    Villas from 99,000 pounds, visit: highgate property morocco

    Good luck
  4. martinm

    martinm New Member

    hi thanks guys,what about earthquakes didnt they have one that flatten one part in the 60s?
  5. Cheryl

    Cheryl New Member

    happy investor

    Hi everyone just put down reservation on villa in the Atlantic Views development in Aglou, Atlantic coast, was well impressed with the area and after spending the last 6 months looking for the right deal finally felt comfortable dealing with someone who seemed to know what they where talking about, i dealt direct with the developers own sales team who where very laid back in there method of selling and of course as an investor i did not want to pay needless commissions to agents. Anyone else reserved on this site i would be interested in making contact, or anyone wanting there details let me know.

    Bye for now.
  6. martinm

    martinm New Member

    hi all any replys to this post^,thanks lisanic but they seem dear:confused: think i will wait on emaar anyone no what prices emaar will be looking for ther apartments?
  7. Buy Low Sell High

    Buy Low Sell High New Member

    I think Emaar will be more expensive or just as expensive as Jadin de Fleur
  8. martinm

    martinm New Member

    hi yes expensive, but a better resale price.
  9. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    LisaNic, Are you sure its 8% guaranteed? do you want to double check then reply back, reason I question you is because ive seen the document on rental income for RT-6 and all figures quoted are "Projections" NOT guaranteed...

    However in saying this I stongly do believe the 8% per annum is achievable but just wanted to make others aware its not guaranteed, if im wrong someone do put me correct..

    The only guaranteed rental income is on La Plage, Port Lixus where owners are being offered a min of 6% for first two years of ownership...

    Anyone wanting more info feel free to reply back or send us a PM.
  10. sandals

    sandals New Member

    Hi Invester27 have you ever been to Larache?

    I think this will be a good long term investment.
  11. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    Sandals, as yet not had the chance to get to Larache, was out in Morocco last year & only managed to see Tangier, Asilah & the Teoutan region due to time constraints. Hoping to Visit the Port Lixus site in May & yes will be a great long term investment as its a Plan Azure Resort.. have you invested in this Resort?

    I've some pics of Larache, Port Lixus Site etc that were taken by a colleague, if anyone is interested in seeing let us know & i'll forward them onto you.
  12. sandals

    sandals New Member

    Hi Invester27, I have not invested yet but I think I will go on a viewing trip with Property Borders to Port Lixus.

    I have been told Mustapha will show me the site Mustapha was born in Larache so should be full of info on the area and attractions hopefully.
  13. checkdryne

    checkdryne New Member

    How about the return ratio?

    It would also be interesting to find out what the investment return ratio is for this area.
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