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Where to live in Mexico

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by tony, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. tony

    tony New Member

    Hey All,

    Now heres a question for you all
    where in mexico would you live and why? and where would you not live even if they paid you .
    the sort of place we would be looking for an average sized town with good shopping and some night life ,also near the sea (east or west).

  2. lane

    lane New Member

    Hello tony,

    I live in port city of Veracruz.. around million pop... is considered by many to be the New Orleans of Mexico.. (for better or worst) plenty of hotels, restaurant / bars /clubs.. modern shopping plazas as well as the traditional mercado.. cheap rent once you get back a bit from the water..
  3. Stuart

    Stuart New Member


    I am just back from my second visit to what I believe is one of the most beautiful places in the world and where I narrowed down my selection of houses to two.
    It is incredibly beautiful, the people - locales and Americans and Canadians - are surprisingly welcoming and friendly at all levels. Property prices always rise and rentals give an excellent yield.
    I have been reading about and visiting possible places for settling in various parts of the world for nearly five years now

    I leave London in February - at long last. A wrench leaving friends but they'll be coming out. Indeed my highly doubtful next-door neighour came with me on the last trip and was as stricken as I!
    I don't want to give all my information away or we'll be deluged by other Brits!
  4. catalogguy

    catalogguy New Member

    San Felipe

    It is very early in its growth cycle making it an outstanding place to invest.

    It has a genuine Mexican culture in the town center. The gringo gulches are north and south of town which suits everyone.

    Great climate.

    Only 120 miles from the US border means you can drive over.

    All services including health care.

    Located on the beautiful Sea of Cortez


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