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Hello every1,
were born & bred in UK, never been out the country, but "feel the need" to spread our wings!! We have 4 children who will need schooling but we don?t want them to fall behind with a language problem.
We will need somewhere on the cheaper side as we would like to buy a property and have it as a "holiday camping/caravan site" as we know how to do that! We don?t seem to fit anywhere in the skilled person list of any country, were selling our house to finance move/deposit on new property,
and various fees etc.any views on where would be good areas to look into or not so good for this type of business would be greatly recieved.


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Hi Joshua,
ok lets look at some facts: I have lived and worked in many countries, so am happy to comment, although not an expert.
FRANCE: getting expensive & overpriced, French not that keen on Brits anyway, and your children will probably not enjoy their schooling. It is near to the uk though for driving, Why people move there for a "place in the sun" is beyond me, as the climate is slightly better than say, Norfolk!
SPAIN: Nice place to live.......if you have a massive buying budget, and living inland is still as expensive. Very noisy country[like Italy] however, kids will probably be ok at school. Good climate on the coasts, but now not the place to go for property investment, as prices exceedingly high, and people deserting Spain for cheaper property in their droves.
ITALY/GREECE. Beautiful countries, again property over the top, although some more undesirable areas, are cheaper. The only people in the world who understand the Greek alphabet and language are the Greeks.
BULGARIA: You can still buy property in the countryside for the price of a secondhand Ford escort, personally, I'd rather have the escort!
TURKEY: Where I think you should have a look at! People are so welcoming and friendly, Children are adored, and although a Muslim country, is a secular one, welcoming all faiths. Property is very reasonable, and you can still afford if you wanted to live at the beach.
Cost of living low, and is now the best chance to live happily in the Med.
Downside is, that only from April to Oct can you find really cheap flights, but I am sure one of the discount operators will correct this very soon.
I'm sure others will offer their opinions soon.
Warm Regards
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