Where is the cheapest place to buy property in America?

Discussion in 'North America Real Estate' started by tawnyacox, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. tawnyacox

    tawnyacox New Member

    i've just moved out of my mums house. We were arguing too much and she just didn't get me in general. Where is the cheapest place to buy property in America, If you guys can list them i'd be really grateful, as right now home is NOT where the heart is.
  2. owendale

    owendale New Member

    Hi cheapest place in the USA Detroit , but its not for all.. Also you may need visas in place and that takes time and money.. You could buy property to rent out I advice H75 throughout Georgia , Tennessee etc look on the map and pick out a few . Myself I have bought in Valdosta Georgia about 18 miles away from Florida and the weather is great . Also the area is quiet and Away from the tourist hot spots..
    Buy to rent out and build up your own property business in the USA that way you could accelerate the visa you may need if you start a property business.
    Anyway please stay close to your family and once you have a few days weeks away you may see things differently. Hold fire and do not react out of anger that may be a big mistake...
    Property investment should be made after carefully consideration and the area has been visited and you are comfortable.
    If you are still keen on the USA join us on a road trip along H75 one year where I go from key west Florida to Detroit Michigan, a few investors has already done this and it's an experience ..
  3. Drew Drew

    Drew Drew New Member

    Owendale - Nice post, but the expressway you refer to is called "I-75", not "H75":)

    The city of Detroit does have cheap properties, but those cheap properties are typically in undesirable areas of the city and thus are extremely high risk.

    If need be, we can assist with finding properties in the city or nearby suburbs which provide safer, but still great, returns.
  4. Precisepm

    Precisepm New Member

    Kansas City is definitely a place to consider.
  5. bporeo

    bporeo New Member

    I live in Ohio in the Akron/Canton/Cleveland area and the prices are similar to Detroit. As with Detroit, some of the cheaper properties are in less desirable areas but you can get properties in decent areas for under $50,000 USD.
  6. markhenry

    markhenry New Member

    You can consider one of these metros, Detroit and Pittsburgh. As these are cheapest place to buy a property in America..
  7. rrwolfpack

    rrwolfpack New Member

    Granted I don't know what the "cheapest" area is in the US but I know Las Vegas was probably one of the hardest if not the hardest hit area in terms of real estate value. That might be the best bang for the buck. Slowly but surely tourism numbers have been increasing in Vegas and that bodes well for a full recovery in the future.
  8. RVA

    RVA New Member

    I am looking to explore investment opportunities in US.

    I have been contacted by US Invest to become a member ($995 for lifetime membership) and explore investment opportunities through them and avail other member benefits.

    I would appreciate if someone who is a memebr of US Invest can share their experience.....or share experience with other agents for buing US property.

  9. Ryan M

    Ryan M New Member


    The average listing price here is $145,360, which is five times LESS than the average in the nation’s most expensive state, Hawaii. Sure, Nebraska doesn't have beautiful beaches like Hawaii, but it still has a lot to offer. For one, the cost of living is very affordable in the Cornhuskers State. And speaking of Cornhuskers, if you're a sports fan, the athletic teams at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln provide year-round entertainment.
  10. speedy gonzales

    speedy gonzales New Member


    If your simply "looking" at this stage then save yourself $995 and don't fall for their traps & marketing strategies. No doubt they have made the whole investing in the US a big mystery and pay them a fee and they reveal you can only buy with their assistance cause they have all the answers and are the only ones you can trust. Google USInvest complaints and you will see one on the RipOff report which was withdrawn by the poster after the complaint was resolved....you'll get the idea. They will also make out that they a this big company based in New Jersey so another reason you can trust us. Their website shows a picture of a building they are in with the USInvest sign on the top of the building. This is 100% crap....it's been computer generated. They also share the lease with some other company. They operate some type of boiler room telemarketing people like yourselves for business.

    In the end all they will sell you is overpriced turnkey property which they have no control over. Their advertising materials makes out that it's their properties they are selling and their construction teams and this is all lies. In the markets they sell in they simply deal with turnkey companies and generate some more commissions on top of the $5995 fee to purchase through them.

    Why pay for information that is freely available if you know where to look. Why ask existing USInvest members.....they have already fallen for the one trick pony. Ask experienced investors who have already purchased...I'm sure they would be happy to assist....I know I would.
  11. RVA

    RVA New Member

    speedy gonzales,

    Thank you for the information. I did googled USInvest complaints and found some interesting stuff.

    Could you please guide me to some websites where I can access information on US property?

  12. speedy gonzales

    speedy gonzales New Member


    Where does one begin ? Okay what specifically are you seeking. Have you narrowed down where to invest, how to invest, what to invest in. ??
  13. Spock

    Spock New Member

    Yes Speedy G, where does one begin? Personally, I would like to find good rental return properties in an area that promises good capital gains in the relatively near future. That could be single family homes in an area set to recover well or fixer upper apartment building in a good high return area (high rent, low availability) also set to recover, with future development potential, etc. That covers "what", now "where" are the right places and "how" do we find this before we start driving all over hell and back?

    Look forward to reading the knowledgeable responses.
  14. owendale

    owendale New Member

    AGAIN FEES FEES FEES... W A K E U P ... For crying out loud since 2003 when I first become interested in property , I have seen fee after fee after fee. ASK why and what for ... ALL property information is available for free it's a question of knowing where to look and whom to ask...it really is .. AS a UK based fully licensed REALTOR it sickens me how easily people are giving money away. STOP if USA investment then by using fully licensed and regulated people you pay not one penny or dime ... You can get all the property information you require for FREE... If any organisation wants a fee then do not use them , tell them to get fully licensed so you the ordinary people are better protected!!! I thought by now common sense would start to kick in , but no the greedy grabbing Liers are breeding every year, and you the gullible public are feeding their growth with your cash!
    I have tried to help people since 2003 and for whatever reason people are not interested ! . I am now investing and growing my own property portfolio to support my Realtor fees and the expenses hoping that one day a few sensible people may one day see the value of a UK based fully licensed realtor. Mind you in ten years I have yet to see it..
  15. clarkd384

    clarkd384 New Member

    I think Naples could be your best choice! Beautiful area and a profitable Market of Real Estate.
  16. clarkd384

    clarkd384 New Member

    You can Search on Google for Articles. I think Articles are more informative than the websites.
  17. Christopher Jewell

    Christopher Jewell New Member

    Detroit !?!?

    You recommend DETROIT, MI ???? The most depressed, crime ridden, Auto Industry-Old, Black, Bankrupt cities in the US of A.??? It's (probably) cheap there but... oh, there are sooo many "buts"... One must have a whole lot more info than the writer doesn't want to live with Mum, anymore. Try Florida or Texas, but certainly not Detroit. Btw... if you think Sao Paulo/Rio has a high crime rate (murder)... look at Detroit.

  18. owendale

    owendale New Member

    HI CHRISTOPHER JEWELL. Can you Really read?"?????????? THE Q was what was the cheapest place in the USA , I NEVER EVER RECOMMENDED IT OKAY...Did you really read all my post for instance you recommend FLORIDA and as a Fully licensed Florida REALTOR so do I... But hey thank you for your comments ...
  19. Christopher Jewell

    Christopher Jewell New Member

    Well, technically -- you were quite right to say Detroit is a cheap place to buy property, and ...Yes, of course I read your entire post... and did see you spoke of Florida... but of all places to recommend you chose Detroit but did not mention the negatives. Sure - I can think of lots of cheap places to buy property, and Detroit is dirt cheap, but the negatives outweigh the cheap price. Btw Detroit was #12 cheapest in the US in 2011 - why not suggest the absolute cheapest? I would be hard pressed to name a more run down town. I hope the original poster lady/girl from the UK does some research before she moves that that depressed area.

  20. owendale

    owendale New Member

    Speedy Gonzales , fantastic post about usinvest.... I have since 2003 been trying to warn people about businesses that exist and charge fees, when no fee needs to be paid ,investing in any property is expensive enough . it's a shame that at every property show I have ever attended the greedy leech like companies exist and only survive by marketing bull and those wonderfully colourful white lie magazines they over produce.
    One point I will make is that a lot of these companies actually use realtors who are also part of the problem by allowing the practice to grow and thrive Surely they must know what's happening ,ethically it's bloody wrong but the vast majority of realtors want to sell sell sell at any cost no matter what... They call me a greenback for not falling inline and just accepting it . I must be a really bad Realtor that put other people's needs first and I refuse to let others abuse my license status ,If others fully took pride in their realtor status and stopped helping these leeches then the business would improve 100%. But there is more chance of me winning the lottery twice!

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