Where can I find land values?

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Welcome all,
Does anybody know a resource where I can find land values per m2 in a particular suburb?

It's an old, established area where there are no empty sections sold. I'd like to get a ballpack figure for making an offer on some peoples backyard areas.

I'm not sure that there will be any interest in my proposition. So is there any alternative to commissioning a valuer?


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Hi Clayton,
From my limited knowledge of development you need to know more about the costs of doing the work than the costs of the raw product.
Many a keen investor and builder / developer has come out of a deal like this without being a lot ahead. I sold off the rear of a property in Christchurch a few years ago and I gained nothing,
All of the cases I have seen (one as recently as a few weeks ago) have started with the subdivider owning the whole property and cutting off the rear. That owner just cleared his costs (if he even did that) and would have been better off to have done nothing.
The cost of services, development levies, (currently about $12000 and proposed to go to $20000) not to mention resource management experts, surveyors, and real estate agents fees.
But then this is not my line of trade.
See you soon
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