When buying Property (residential land)

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Welcome all,
I am working in the legal field, as a paralegal for a criminal law attorney, but real estate law is a mystery for me.
I am in the process of buying residential land (not a house). Please let me know if my checklist is okay, all the things I need to look for.
Clear free title, zoning laws, easements, tax liens, toxic contamination of property, tax consequences and ??????
Any idea of what else could go wrong and I can't build my dream home???


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Hi Reece,
Just to expand on PGs post , If this property is not served by city sewer services and does not test good on perk test then you will need to learn if your county allows holding only tanks or another type of more expensive septic system, then you will have to learn from local firms how much it will cost to have the tank pumped empty on regular basis since that will be a regular bill. ALSO learn from your county board if any future plans are on the books for the area. Examples, road widening, or school expansion if site is on busy road. Or like in some places land nearby ends up becoming industrial park due to city involvement or monster size big box stores.
Thanks a lot
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