Wheelchair accessible hotel/resort Hurghada

Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by pluto1956, May 20, 2008.

  1. pluto1956

    pluto1956 New Member

    Hi all would anyone know of a wheelchair accessible hotel/resort
    in Hurghada, as my wife has the misfortune to be confined to one.
    We have bought a one bed apartment at Suleder, and would like
    to have another look to see how its coming along, and to sample
    some of the surrounding area a bit more. Last visit we staid in
    El Gouna at the Three Corners Rhiana Resort [excellent accessible
    resort] but was a bit far away for more than one visit in seven
    days by taxi.
    best regards Mike :D:cool::D
  2. MrSkipsey

    MrSkipsey New Member

    From what I can remember the Marriott is an excellent hotel for wheelchair access.
    It has steps and a ramp at the entrance to the main lobby, a ramp out to the pool by the Kodak photo shop and various lifts within the complex. We used two, one at either end of main reception.
    This was purely because the Egyptian shop worker 'Scottish' Jimmy kept pestering us to buy Papaya!!!

    Also the bridge going over to the island is also a 'roll on roll off' design with no steps.

    I hope this helps. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Marriott and as you can see we highly recomend it!

    Plus the food is great!
  3. pluto1956

    pluto1956 New Member

    Thanks for that MrSkipsey i will have a closer look
    at the Marriot, sounds good
    best regards Mike :D:cool::D

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