Whats the catch with tanjah golf development ?

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Hi all and greetz to all, I've just came across your site and its very informative...

I ould like some advice if you can...its the tanjah golf development, am I missing something here, it all seem's a bit to good to be true and you know what they say about that.

I'm interested in a 3 bed Penthouse, after signing the contract and paying the rest of you deposit in installments, if anything goes wrong, ie, dreamworld going under or the likes of, is your money safe, as I know that there must be some risk, but what.

I also notice there are no villas priced yet, are they keeping them till last ?

I've read posts of people saying they went on a inspection trip, could someone tell me who with, and cost.

Also does the price list cover all blocks or only certain blocks as some are closer to the sea than others. Also can you pick your block or do you just get what your given.

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I recently reserved a penthouse on this development using the link below, I do not think there are many left, the deal does look good and you can get your initial deposit back up until exchange of contracts, when the contracts are out you should be able to see what guarantees are in place before committing to the rest of the deposit.

I am sure other people can give you more information re the inspection trip, I did not go on it but I believe it was done by the developer Dreamworld and cost about £300.

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