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What will $250k buy in overseas??

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Linda, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Linda

    Linda New Member

    Thought I'd start a small thread to see what $250,000 would get in overseas. . .

    This should be an interesting one!
  2. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Linda there are hundreds of thousands of options. Where are you thinking of, the Bahamas, Russia or Fiji?

    I see you quote in dollars. I know a lot of Americans buying in Morocco, there used to be a US airbase in Saidia - thats where Im buying
  3. move2morocco

    move2morocco New Member


    you should really consider morocco, we've just renovated our house (originally from London) and we have alot of contacts in morocco that i can put you in touch with contact me.

    209 derb daira
    00212 23358559:)

    QUOTE=Investy]Linda there are hundreds of thousands of options. Where are you thinking of, the Bahamas, Russia or Fiji?

    I see you quote in dollars. I know a lot of Americans buying in Morocco, there used to be a US airbase in Saidia - thats where Im buying[/QUOTE]
  4. louforyou

    louforyou New Member

    You say 250k but is that in cash or is it your budget ? Also is it for investment if so how long and what sort of an investment are you after? Is it for your pension or is it for the children when you've gone?
    All these factors play a big part in looking for the right investment for you...
    Every country has different tax, capital gains etc so to answer the quetsion I would need more to go on!!!
  5. African Sun

    African Sun New Member

    I don't see much about Southern Africa on this forum but I have made the most money investing in South African property. $250k would buy you a nice upmarket holiday home in a security estate near the beach. Or you can invest in an undeveloped plot in a secure country estate such as kraaibosch country estate on South Africa's garden route, the safest and most popular area in South Africa to invest in property.
    Alternatively, if you want summer all year round and you like wildlife, you can live right next door to the Kruger National Park, in Marloth Park residential game reserve where $250k will buy you a thatch roof mansion overlooking the Crocodile River and Kruger National Park.
    Both Marloth Park and Kraaibosch are comparatively cheap still and prices keep rising each month. I have been getting very good returns on my investments here. South Africa has a very stable economy and first world infrastructure.
  6. sunnynorth

    sunnynorth New Member

    you can get a completed superluxury villa on the sea-front with its private beach. Also you will have the benefit of fully furnished house including two air-conditions and an alarm system.
    The location is an unspoilt beauty which has miles of sandy beaches and its called Northern Cyprus....
  7. louforyou

    louforyou New Member

    [email protected]
  8. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    SA is no longer an investment, its too late.

    The smart money was in 5 years ago.

    The world famous author of 'Rich Dad' went there recently and commented 'I would have been out three years ago'.
    Exactly my position. Investing is not about spotting ancient bandwaggons and they deciding to invested based upon RECENT GOOD RETURNS. That isnt investing thats taking comfort in past figures.

    Morocco has everything SA does but is only a 3 hour flight, is almost all aimed at the luxury end of things (so nothing like Turkey), has a long season and far cheaper prices than SA.
    To me as a pure investor nowhere else comes close. Egypt is too far. Dubai is too far and all the good profit has gone. Turkey is a little far, can be very cold in winter and again its too later now (hundreds of developments everywhere causing oversupply).

    Think about is. A 3 hour flight plus very up market resorts plus endless unspoiled SANDY beaches. You just cant go wrong (but avoid some of the one off small developments)
  9. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Turkey is not to far,3 and half hours from london. And again its not to late.;)

    Re. can be very cold in winter !!.Ok if you say so. However i am on my balcony .the sun is shining and its december.!!

    Linda You say 250k.

    100k Will buy you a super lux villa in turkey . put the rest in the bank. Then buy me a drink for giving you the best advice.;)
  10. vngrape

    vngrape New Member

    My answer to your question: In some developing countries, 250k could already get you a decent high-rise building placed in a busy city. Then you could have its 40-60 office spaces for rent or turn it into a condominium for sale.
  11. FlexiBox

    FlexiBox New Member

    In what country can you get a high rise for $250k. I'll have one of those please...
  12. sharmer

    sharmer New Member

    buying a property in sharm elsheikh

    hi dear,
    u've got to think about buying a property in sharm elsheikh...the city is really wonderfull..lots of english , italians are residents over there...
    a lady (Real estate agent ) might help u...with properties photos ( fantastic sea view) through the mail and also contractors, lawyers, trnslators

    just e-mail her, hope she will answer u back..
    [email protected]
  13. royntrace

    royntrace New Member


    You should check out the Bahamas, we spent 4 months looking around most of the islands here. We finally settled on Long Island. Check it out for yourself, it's lovely, there is also a new marina development on this island, see, Bahamas real estate, marina, canalfront, waterfront, lakeside and golf lots for sale. perfect if you like boats. The beaches have to be seen to be believed and locals are really friendly. Real estate is affordable so, maybe we'll see you down :) here.
    Roy an Tracey
  14. 10cents

    10cents New Member

    You could buy an island in the pacific. Ok that's too much but you could indeed buy enough land on some paradise island to develop into a resort with a golf course.
  15. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    Linda, what are you mostly interested in? Lots or actual homes?
  16. infoberlin

    infoberlin New Member

    buy2 let - buy to let options.

    I am stunned by some suggestions.

    Buy in Morocco - a culture you do not understand? A legal system different from Western standards? And what for - for a holiday let ... i.e. let others "exploit" your property since you need an agent to do that? :confused:
    If you went to live there yourself, I´d understand, but otherwise??
    The same goes to many other places mentioned on your list.

    You want it for investment? Then go to a cheap country with established rules: Germany. If you avoid "Erbbauzins" (i.e. leasehold) :mad: and don´t overpay, you really can´t go wrong. Esp. if it´s for investment purposes,i.e. "buy to let" / buy2let. :)

    Get in touch if you need experienced help.

    (run by overseas investors helping expats in Berlin) :)
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  17. Investy

    Investy Senior Member


    I read your comments with interest.

    I have invested quite a lot in Berlin and indeed am awaiting news on another reposession.

    Ive also invested in other areas including MOROCCO which you say is madness.

    You can go wrong in Germany and many do. Firstly one should understand a lot of property is empty especially in outlying areas and the maintenance and upkeep can be a blackhole.

    Morocco you need to recgonise is as close as Spain, it is this proximity to a long warm season that caused Spain to become number 1.
    You probably have a kneejerk reaction to Morocco - something like - "flies, cammels, dead dogs, corruption and bombs"??

    I am a very very cautious investor - in fact probably over cautious.
    The Government have launched giant secure all inclusive beach resorts and it is these that I targeted.
    THE REASON - these sites have no competetion from Spain et al and are very cheap. If I want a golf villa (that means built into the fairways not down the road) on a beach resort with marina and massive sports facilities in Spain I would need £1m.
    For this in Morocco I pay £168000, with £100000 of that not paid until the place is complete in 2009.

    This will give me a year round season (many UK footballers buying in the resort due to unparalled facilities) and a close to UK hop to the sun for my use.
    We currently spend about £1500 per week for a stay in a villa (Spain, Paxos or Sardinia) - and thats not with the golf / beach combo. In future we will not have this expense.

    Saidia is out on its own and the close airport to service this one resort is having 25 plane stands built now.

    11 5 star hotels in the development (not near, in) will give me about 30000 bums on seat per week that will see my villa. There are about 1000 villas in all.


    The marina is set to be the best in the Med and is agin on site not down the road.

    I would say this site (Saidia) will become one of the places to be seen in 5 years. WORTH A PUNT.
  18. DC

    DC Member

    Why start Thread?

    Linda are you looking to spend 250k US dollar on Real Estate?

    The question is always what do you want to achieve?
  19. rfaraon

    rfaraon New Member

    your $250,000 can already buy a proportionately size beach area in the Philippines, or a wide array of lands suitable for farming, or residential lots meant to appreciate at a faster rate in the few years ahead...

    if you want i can present you some proposals...

    [email protected]
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