What visa do you need to buy property in foreign markets?

Discussion in 'Overseas Property For Sale' started by totallyproperty, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. totallyproperty

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    Very often when we are looking to acquire property in a foreign land we automatically assume it will be on a like-for-like basis with regards to official documentation, etc. However, many novice investors in the international real estate market have fallen foul of an array of different visa requirements when investing in foreign lands.

    It is all good and well trying to cut corners and doing your research and your homework on the Internet but you cannot beat on the ground advice from somebody who has been there, done it and operates in the local marketplace. By all means do your provisional assessment using information available on the Internet and if a potential investment moves onto stage two then you need to take professional financial advice.
  2. Ifti

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    Getting Visa by Buying property

    I want to get a visa by buying property in any country. Please let me know the names of the countries where I can do that.
  3. Ifti

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    Getting Visa by Buying property

    I want to buy property in Morroco. How should I proceed?
  4. Veronica

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    A non EU citizen can get residency in Cyprus by buying a property for at least €300K. You also have to prove an income of at least €30K per year plus €5 for each dependant. Also you have to deposit €30k in a Cyprus bank and leave it there for 5 years.
    All of this must come from outside Cyprus.

    Spain and other EU countries have similar rules but the amount needed varies.

  5. totallyproperty

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    Are these residency rules unfairly supporting local property markets in countries such as Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, etc or is the actual impact minimal? They certainly grab the headlines but is there any significant business happening behind the headlines?
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    visa and property i'dont think so it,s good idea so tel and explen me what,s do abut visa and property and how much all about this
  7. BrennenList

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    Tell me your commission..
  8. totallyproperty

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    Hi Azanali

    I was wondering if you managed to find a good value property market where visas were available?


  9. alwaysasking

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    There is a forum for foreigners in Morroco.. google it and you will find many discussions about this topic

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