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What?s your story

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Joshua, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Joshua

    Joshua New Member

    I?m interested to know what sort of size portfolio's the posters have on here and what sort of experience you have.
    Have you just started buying or have you been in the game for a while?
    As a new poster I?m curious to know who's who.
  2. lane

    lane New Member

    Hi Joshua,
    I?ve got a small portfolio in the north east and midlands.
    However I have reasonably recently moved nearer to London so I am currently in the process of selling down my current portfolio to rev-invest in the London area.
    ive been in the games for 6 years. I tend to use letting agents to manage my properties though this may change when I invest in London.
    Well that?s me.
    Thank you
  3. John

    John New Member

    hi Lane, did you make a purchase in London yet?
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  4. Emu49

    Emu49 New Member

    I would highly recommend Iraida Estate Agency. I had never been to Egypt before and I was thinking of buying in Spain. My friend had bought an off plan apartment in Hurghada being built by Iraida Estate. It was called Oasis 1. When my friend told me she paid less than £17,000 for a fully furnished 2 bed apartment I decided to buy in the new development called Oasis 2. Although it was not alot of money for a property aboard I was really nervous about parting with my money. I paid a deposit which I was assured would be returned if I did not wish to proceed and then I went to Hurghada to see for myself. I was picked up from the airport by them in their bus and taken to my hotel. The next day their driver collected me and took me to the site. I saw that they were already working on the site. All the staff were really nice. I saw one of the owners, the English woman and she took time to explain things to me. What really made me clam was that I realised very quickly that it was not going to be the hard sell. I came back to England and I was so happy and confident I paid all the money in one go.

    I checked their monthly updates and it was really great to see my apartment rise from nothing. I went to Hurghada 3 times and I was treated really well each time. I sent many emails and I got a reply, sometimes within hours. Also they were happy to send me extra pictures of my apartment and the site. It makes you feel secure. My apartment block was finished and delivered 1 month early! I have read all the worrying and sad things that have happended to other people and I am really glad that I had luck on my side for once and bought from a good company. I decided to give my apartment to them to rent out. My apartment has already doubled in value. The staff and services provided was been really great.

    The only mistake I made was that I should have bought more apartments in Oasis 2. They have a new beach front development called Oasis Marina. I am now arranging my finances with some of my friends and family to buy in this new development. This time I am buying early to get the 25% discount. I think my new apartments will be my retirement fund.
  5. jessicatam

    jessicatam New Member

    I hope your investments work out, Emu49! So, the estate agency handle the rent and everything for you?
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