What is your favourite African property market?



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The political and economic situation across Africa is very different from country to country as are the prospects for real estate prices in the short to medium term. What is your favourite African property market at this moment in time and why?


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South africa

if it hadn't become such a risky area.
It is a beautiful country, with very friendly people.
But being one of the so-called “fragile five”— Brazil, South Africa, India, Turkey, and Indonesia — South Africa is amonst the most likely to suffer.

- Weak currency
- Weak property market
- Ever increasing crime levels
- VISA problems
- Complex labour market
- race-based job distribution
- Risky Townships often as close as a few hundred meters, etc.

Let alone the very unattractive tax system - especially for foreigners.
And the absurd burocracy everywhere and all the time.

White students make up a declining share of graduates leaving university each year. Especially for them the labour market faces critical challenges.
Go and rent for as long as the Government allows you (this depends on what passport you have) before bringing your money there.
It might become very difficult to get it back ..........
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