What is your favoured property market at the moment?



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If you had £200,000 to invest today, would you invest it in the UK or overseas?


I still believe there is plenty potential with the UK and that the EU is corrupt. In the longer term the UK will benefit from leaving the EU but in the short term it could be tricky especially with a no-deal Brexit. Therefore on balance I would wait a little longer to invest in the UK.


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I think you can get deals in any markets if you look for distressed properties. With a distressed property you can buy under market value so it doesn't really matter about the state of the market. I would look for people that have been economically impacted by Corona virus in a market that you know and focus on making your money when you buy.

Hazel Ryan

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Currently, my interest is high for luxury areas in the city especially in the wake of attractive prices. These include long-time favorites such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai and Palm Jumeirah, all of which feature amongst the top 10 areas for buying and renting. However, interestingly, suburban areas like Dubai Silicon Oasis and Jumeirah Village Circle are also attracting investors and renters alike.(moderated)
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