What is the current best overseas investment for rental returns?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by topshotta, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. topshotta

    topshotta New Member

    What is the current best overseas investment for rental returns?
  2. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Berlin is my fave.
  3. delboy

    delboy New Member


    Hi there, Egypt is definately the place to be at the moment both for investments and rentals. if you interested to know more just let me know:)
  4. viewdubai.co.uk

    viewdubai.co.uk New Member

    Dubai - Fantastic return on Investments / Rental

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    Expect at least 10-12% rental in the freezones.
  5. AmherstIsland

    AmherstIsland New Member

    private island rentals in different parts of the world is big. Especially in North and South America.
  6. davy9449

    davy9449 New Member

    What about Panama?

    I was sent an info pack on hotel room investment in Panama. $65K gets you a studio, $100K a 1 bed apartment. Growth approx 20% / yr at the mo, 70% of room rental paid to the investor (although no gt'd yield - predicted 15%+) and obviously capital growth on top. 30% dep (£10K approx) for a studio and the rest with a mortgage seems a pretty good deal. No CGT for 20yrs also.

    Anybody ventured out that far?
  7. John

    John New Member

    How do you calculate this? I would have thought Egypt is fairly far down on the list...

  8. vikram

    vikram New Member

    Berlin is picking up quite well. It is one of the most undervalued markets in the world today.

    I am a property consultant, if you looking for any property advice, you can contact me [email protected]
  9. Dia Soleado Invest

    Dia Soleado Invest New Member

    The Dominican Republic has a reported 85% annual occupancy rate and if you can get in early enough on an off plan development you could be making as much as 20%, or more, of your original purchase price per annum at the time of completion. I have some rental comparables as well that you might find of interest. Please feel free to message me if you would like to have a look.
  10. dhiraj11378

    dhiraj11378 New Member

    i think that goa is one of the most favourite tourist spot n the best n safe place to stay in n the best investment . we r real estate consultants in goa india if ur willing to buy property in goa thewn do mail us
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  11. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Most of the posts on here hint at people with little understanding of investment.

    It seems to me that 90% of developments offer nothing unique.

    Folks always remember the end user and the season of the resort.
  12. jonse

    jonse New Member

    Uk Or Usa

    I Have Reserved A One-bedroom Flat (newly Built) In My Town In Kent, Which I Am Planning To Rent Out. The Plan Is That It Will Pay For Itself And That I Will Also Gain In The Value Of The Property When Its Time To Sell. However I Have Been Hearing Lots About The Dollar Every Day And Am Now Very Interested In Buying In America. I Have Found A 3/4 Bed Condo 2 Miles From Disney Land For Around The Same Price. I Assume This Would Be Fairly Easy To Rent Out, But Perhaps Not All Year Round...but Has The Potential To Seriously Go Up In Value.
    Which Should I Go For As A Better Investment? Uk Or Usa? Any Advice Appreicated. Thanks
  13. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Forget the Kent flat, your too late, all the easy money has gone and the B2L market is seriously crowded. Furthermore you should know many lenders have stopped lending on B2L new build property as there is mass over supply leading to high repossession numbers (ie whole blocks come to market all seeking tenants so rents are driven down). Buying new is also a mistake as you overpay for the 'new' factor hence there is often no capital growth for 2 - 3 years.

    Rising interest rates makes the cocktail even more risky.

    UK property does not pay for its self as you imply - I know as Ive recently sold my B2Ls. Work out the cost of your deposit (ie loss of potential savings interest or if you borrowed the deposit the cost of that borrowing), plus the mortgage cost plus your maiantainance, accountants fees, the odd repair or rat removal etc etc. You will find that you will subsidise the investment if you do your numbers properly and then remember there is 40% capital gains tax when you sell (unless you sell when you have very low income in which case say 25%).

    The US venture has better prospects but you need to think like an investor. Holiday rents in Florida can be not worthwhile and I often hear the costs never end (pool stops working etc etc).
    Better to buy in a US city such as Atlanta and get year round rent or Toronto (Canada) with underground lift access to avoid snow pile ups.

    Or join me in Berlin where I am investing heavily. Its right on your doorstep and like London 15 years ago. Ive just found 2 bed appartments fully maaintained with 10 year Government rent guarantees in a nice green family locale for £35000 or so.
  14. immernoch

    immernoch New Member

    I agree, Berlin is seriously up and coming. With unemployment rate dropping by 5% over the last 3 years (aggressive!) it's an undervalued market bound to explode soon.

    I would seriously consider investing there right now. I am doing well in the areas which are considered "hip" in the city, but am also staking into the areas which are yet remnants of communism but have great potential to gentrify further.

    My agent is ridiculously on top of things and has a lot of insight on the city, and he has yet to let me down. The return has been something around 7-9% consistently and he gets back to me almost instantly.

    I'm not sure if he wants his name spread all over the world wide web but his name is Antoine Uzureau and his email address is [email protected]
  15. catalogguy

    catalogguy New Member

    Nightly rentals in Mexican resort areas is strong cash flow. You must have a good manager and be comfortable working with Mexico. GRMs are comparable to 3's.

  16. Mirage

    Mirage New Member

    For a very good buy to let development it may be a good idea to look into Ras Al Khaimah specifically the Al Hamra village resort for short term letting holiday rental in that area, (they are building a 7star hotel there). 1 bed can expect to generate returns of over 80% from rent alone.

    Another option may be Abu Dhabi, current severe property shortage in that emirate, with rents rising significantly last year, goverment actually had to cap rental rises to 7% per annum.
  17. FJCOM

    FJCOM New Member

    I would say Japan, but obviously I am biased.
  18. pancanuck

    pancanuck New Member

    Im in Panama now, I can tell you for fact that the vacancy rate is very low (some are saying 1%). I am a realtor in Panama City and we have a travel agency as well, from what they are saying some customers are having to downgrade to smaller, cheaper hotels because everything like the Sheraton and Holiday Inn are always booked. Last month the government had a consortium regarding the hotel problem, pleading with developers to build some hotels. What savvy people are now doing is marketing furnished apartments to tourists. Where a normal 1000 m2 apt would rent for $800-$1100 per month, furnished they
    are now getting $600-$700 per week for the exact same condo. Buzzword here now is Aparthotel. So the market is rype for those looking for rental investment properties. Funny thing is after the consortium I haven't heard of any plans by the major developers to start new hotels, even if they started today they wouldn't be finished for at least 3 years with the labour shortage because of the condo boom.
    If you need more info pm me, Cheers.
  19. Magellan

    Magellan New Member

    Berlin definitely has great potential - it's probably the most undervalued market in Europe and Germany has a strong rental culture. That generally means good tenants and high occupancy.
  20. DC

    DC Member

    Yes Berlin is good but the financials and leverage is bad, you need to be a cash buyer.

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