What is the concept of Green Building.



Now a days the concept of green building is a hot topic among Delhi and NCR builders.The builders who will develop buildings based on cool by nature concepts will be happy forever. Authority will grant 5% extra discount to green buildings tend to save Approx 40% energy. On the other hand at the same time during the construction of such buildings builder will get the clearance on the basis of priority from pollution control board (PCB) also. Authority has got approx one dozen proposals of green building within 3 months. For Now projects for green building are undertaken at six places in Delhi/NCR. In near future only high-rise green building will be constructed.
In the construction of Green Building, tiles of fly ash are used. At the same time glasses are used in such building so during day time there will be less consumption of bulbs and tube lights. Besides this by covering the terraces with green garden we can save ourselves from heat. By using the recycling project, the waste water from such building can be 100% recycled.
Isn't it great..


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In India, about 30 per cent of the energy consumption is attributed to the buildings sector, out of which residential and commercial buildings contribute 24 per cent and 6 per cent respectively , says TERI. While GRIHA with its complex system of analysis was created for large establishments, there was a need to simplify the process for smaller buildings and also bring builders of tier 2 and 3 towns under the green rating umbrella. The cost of registration and evaluation for the projects will be between Rs 60,000 and Rs 1,00,000.


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Green Building

Green Building is a good concept for investors also because now people want to live in Green lush areas & societies and away from pollution & noise of traffic.