What is the best city in PNG to buy

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Hello all,
I'm a small time investor
I broke my neck 8 yrs ago so I can't afford to loss any money

I?m looking for a mentor who could give me some good advice about investing in the PNG property market

Which city is best
What type of property should I buy

if you could help me with any info I would be very grateful


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Hey Clayton,
From what I gather, investing in PNG has several differences compared to Australia:

- High yield / rental income - so it's probably going to be positive cashflow
- Probably a bit higher maintenance
- Loan in PNG as far as I know is only for short term, 5 years, maybe 10 max - which negates the positive cashflow here
- You don't own the land here, just the property. The land is owned by the gov and you are given the title / lease for I think 99 years.... but when you purchase a property this might have less to go, so this is something to look out for.... I don't know how much to renew the title / lease. If someone can explain a bit better, please jump in.
See you again
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