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What has everyone been doing?

Discussion in 'German Property' started by Andrew - Alpha, May 21, 2007.

  1. Andrew - Alpha

    Andrew - Alpha New Member


    At Alpha we have been focusing mainly on property in Berlin. We are currently expanding our operations and even though we are of course researching our potential geographical targets independently, it is always good to hear what you guys, the investors are up to.

    What other areas have you been grabbing you attention in Germany?

    Looking forward to your replies,

    Kind regards,

    Andrew Stanley
    Alpha Real Estate Investment
  2. j.k

    j.k New Member

    hi Andrew.Looking forward a few years i am thinking of investing in land banks on the german/ polish boarder crossings,eg. frankfurt A D Oder / cottbus. I have used both crossings in the past and think thay will be HOT SPOTS on the rise of both economys.Whats the law on land banks,ie can land be sat on and is the system of full and outline PP a subject that someone can outline? thankyou j.k
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