What city is the best for buying real estate (houses) and than renting it?



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I am looking to buy houses for investment in the us.
What city is the best for buying real estate (houses) and than renting it?
I am looking for:
Good cap rate (more then 10%).
Easy renting (low rental vacancy)
Good potential for prices to raise.


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In my opinion Las Vegas is good for investing.investment in real estate is really
beneficial and its most widely known way of profiting in Las Vegas.
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Hi Friend ..
Real estate investment involves the commitment of funds to property with an aim to generate income through rental or lease and to achieve capital appreciation. Real estate refers to immovable property, such as land, and everything else that is permanently attached to it, such as buildings.So i think you should decide which city to select in US for the investment.
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Real estate investments itself is the best in all kinds of investments and if though the place for the investments is important but firstly it should be according to to our need and then to think of profit.



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We are blessed to live in Lubbock, Texas---the 2nd best city economy in the nation :)

Our cashflow is awesome---Texas in general has good cashflow as well.

Here's an example of a bread and butter deal:

Market Value of home: $80,000
Purchase Price: $42,000
Monthly Rent: $825-$900
Average Monthly Cashflow: $425-$500
Low Vacancy- Texas Tech is here (25,000+ students)


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Dear sir According to recent data put together by real estate website Zillow, Rochester is the best place to buy a home in the United States. One of the reasons Zillow rates Rochester so highly is that its foreclosure rate is a minuscule 0.24%.

In order to figure out the best places to purchase a home in the country, Zillow looked at four statistical measures in 125 metro areas as of the end of February. These factors included affordability, as measured by home price to income ratios and also The best places to purchase a home in America are mostly in the heartland, reflecting the coastal nature of the housing boom and bust. None of the best places to purchase a home are located on the West Coast in states like California, Oregon and Washington, not to mention Nevada and Arizona.