What are the Prospects for the Portugal Market?

Discussion in 'Property Market News and Trends' started by MaryLev1272, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Hi All!

    I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season!
    I'm looking into the Portugal market for investment. I wanted to know your guy's thoughts, I have heard some conflicting information that Portugal is already at its peak and prices are going to drop in the near future.
    Please share your thoughts and experiences!
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    I think you need to look at the EU economy as a whole rather than just Portugal. The EU will take a hit because of Brexit. Then there is the financial crisis sweeping through Italy and Greece is not out of the woods yet. I also believe there are a number of properties hanging over the market in Spain which were repossessed during the last major financial crisis. The EU economy is not as bouyant as many would have you believe :)
  4. MaryLev1272

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    Thanks for replying and the insight. Have you invested in the area at all?
  5. MaryLev1272

    MaryLev1272 New Member

    Thanks, I"ll take a look!
  6. Personally I would be very wary of Europe as a whole until the Brexit situation is resolved and budget issues with the Italian government are resolved. It also appears Spain is seeing growing support for far right political parties - anti-EU.
  7. MaryLev1272

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    Definitely, something we should take consideration. You never know what will happen.
    How do you see yourself as an investor moving forward during these times?
  8. FWL

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    Hi @MaryLev1272

    Being UK based I am still focused on opportunities in the UK but Europe would interest me if it wobbles and we saw a sell-off. In the UK I think we will see a panic situation at some point even if I dont really think the economy will follow suit.
  9. MaryLev1272

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    Thanks! Good Luck!
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    Brexit is now out of control and I have a suspicion that any major problems for the UK economy could also bring down the European economy. Even though the European Union is taking the high ground against the UK, there are serious problems in Italy which could lead to contagion right across the European Union. Watch out!
  11. MaryLev1272

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    Thanks !
  12. The Italian tax budget issue will be coming to a head very soon and that will be a battle between capitalism and socialism - that is before we even look at the problems caused by Brexit. I agree with the comments above, the EU has more trade to lose in terms of euros than the UK but as a percentage of UK exports, the EU is very very important to the UK. How are we even in this situation? Should politicians not have been more prepared? Or is this a cunning plan to force a delay and eventual cancellation of Brexit?

    As a consequence, Portgual and other EU property markets will struggle to find any good news in the short term.

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