What about hotspots in North Africa ?


Tom Caliban

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The same question of totallyproperty, but for North Africa regions this time.

Is there yet hotspots on the list of international investors ? Some areas seems to offer good long-term potential: Tunisia or northern Morocco. Maybe is it too early for investors... But is'n it the condition for best prices and opportunities, like in Marrakech 20 years ago ?

Thank you for your comments.



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I recently read an article which suggested that economic growth in Africa will be at its lowest in North Africa with particular mention of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Growth is expected in the region of 3.3% during 2014 against 2.3% in 2013 which does not reflect particularly well against Central Africa where growth in 2014 is forecast at 4.8%, double the figure in 2013.

I will take a look at specific markets in North Africa when I get a moment but generally the stronger economies tend to encourage stronger property markets.