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West Avenue

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by asif08, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. asif08

    asif08 New Member

    Ive been reading a few threads on this site about making a consortium and all sorts...well...i have a proposition for you...

    West Avenue on Dubai Marina is going to be pre launched soon, and as ive already invested with Select Property, they are giving me 1.5% discount on a unit...

    Im thinking....if i can get 10 people together who also want to invest in this new development, we could approach them and try to get a bigger discount.

    im confident that this will work but just need to find the right people...

    If youre interested let me know....but please only if youre based in the UK. as this will make it easier for us to communicate and maybe meet if we need to...however there shouldnt be any need to meet....we could do this all via email and telephone...but for peace of mind, im sure some would like to meet...

    when purchasing the property the contracts will be prepared individually, but i think if we went to the developer as a group wanting to buy say 10 units...we could get a substantial discount...

    i will post more details once i have spoken to select...but in the mean time if ur interested and you are in the uk, send me a pm...the more people we get, the more units we can buy, bearing in mind each person would only be required to purchase 1 unit...more if you want to but that will be your only motivation to do this is to get a bigger discount.

    and continuing from the more people we get, the more units we buy, and the greater the hopeful discount will be... im not looking for 400 people who are intrigued by the idea...just 10 -20 people who definately want to buy in this new development...

    but it has to be quick...
  2. mirpuri

    mirpuri New Member

    Hi Asif
    it is nice idea but it will be hard to find that many people but if you do let me know
    Asif i have also invested with select but another property can you tell me what have you paid for your unit , i was quoted 1,195,000 for studio less discount

    i think location is good but not sure about price
    becuse my property is on Bay central 2 bed high floor they canot sell for me 2.7m which is much better location
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