Ways to immigrate to Europe, as an American?

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Hey ,
Ways to immigrate to Europe, as an American?

What are the ways to immigrate to Europe, as an American? From my reading, it seems that there?s only a few ways:

1) Apply through the Skilled Worker Program. Is it correct that England is the only country in Europe that has a Skilled Worker Program? (I believe that Germany may have one, but it?s only for IT professionals.) England?s is known as the Highly Skilled Migrant Program.

(The other Skilled Worker Programs are in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.)

2) Apply for a work permit. However, from what I understand, these are available only in shortage areas such as nursing and teaching. Is that correct?

3) Find a U.S. government job in Europe. If I reside in a European country as a U.S. government worker for a certain number of years (varying by country),can I then apply for residency in that country? Would I be able to bring my spouse into the country to live with me? (I tried calling 1-800 numbers for some U.S. govt. employers in Europe but haven?t gotten any response so far.)


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Hi Kai,
Well, you can always find a corporation to send you abroad. The golden age of being an Expat may be over, but there are still lots of companies who want to send people abroad.


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Hi Kai, did you find a suitable solution or are you still interested in moving?

In several EU Countries there are facilities available with similiar terms to the USA business visa program, where if you invest in a business and agree to employ a certain amount of people within the first 2-5 years then you can live permanently.

There is usually a minimum amount of capital you have to invest, but if you are involved in real estate this should not be a problem as you can purchase property and include the prices paid towards this minimum capital figure.
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Hi Kai,
I can't tell about the other European countries, but as far as Bulgaria is concerned it is very easy to become a citizen of our small, but hospitable country.
Bulgaria has joined European Union this year and it experiences a fast process of improvement and developing.
From the time of joining the EU buying property and land became very easy and many foreigners retire here or buy as an investment.
If You ever consider moving here, make a visit or just want to know more about Bulgaria, i'll be glad if i can help.

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