Wanting to relocate within Belgium

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Hi all,
I'm a Canadian of 27 yrs, living in Antwerp, Belgium and I'm very bored and lonely here and seeking some excitement, I'd like to travel and work in Spain, Italy, Greece, somewhere hot, can anyone give me some advice as of how to find a job and a place to live, anything would help.


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Hey Nelson,
I'm sorry to hear you're no longer happy in Belgium, where would you ideally like to move to? If you can be more specific, I'm sure there are expats out there who will be more than happy to pass on their experiences. What kind of work would you be looking for?

How old are your children? Will you need school or childcare advice for the country you choose? Let us know, we'll try to help
Hope you will stick around the forums, our members really are a nice bunch...
Take care,
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