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wanted!!! morocco

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by biz, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. biz

    biz New Member

    hi, iam interested to purchase apartments in morocco cluster in bulk and individual. if interested plz do not hesitate to call me on 0097150 4810907 dubai. regards Fahad M.
  2. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Studio in moroco 360000 net to me is this OK
  3. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    hi biz

    may i ask why morocco ??
  4. fcrs

    fcrs New Member

    Morocco Custer
    16 Units
    1 B/R
    714 Sq ft
    Ready to move in
    Very Special price
    577,000 All in

    Contact 050 9379777
  5. slovea

    slovea New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a 1BR (716sqft) apartment in Morocco Cluster. What is the realistic rentals. Just wanted to know if anybody has rented out apartments as well as if anybody has a property management company employed to handle the payments, etc.


  6. fcrs

    fcrs New Member

    about 53K easyly
  7. biz

    biz New Member

    everything incuding morocco

    actually iam interested in all clusters of international city.... so if you have anything for me plz dont hasitate to call on 0097150 4810907 dubai.regards fahad m. ashraf

    may i ask why morocco ??[/QUOTE]
  8. Nadia79

    Nadia79 New Member

    i'm looking to buying a 1 bedroom apartment in IC and i was wandering, do u guys have any advice for me, what should i be looking in a flat when i'm searching and is it true the pricing now between 500000-600000 or is that over priced? what should i expect to get in rent if i deside to rent it out?
    keep me posted
    thank you in advance ...
  9. sharonmcfcgibson@hotmail.

    [email protected] New Member

    i have a one bed in morocco cluster to sell, i am open to serious offers for it, thank you.
  10. fcrs

    fcrs New Member

    Tell me the price and give ur contact # in pvt
    i am interested
    i am serious
  11. FJ7000

    FJ7000 New Member

    Buying in Int'l city

    Prices in Int'l City are gradually moving up. As of today, Studio ranges from 390,000 to 410,000 and 1 bed room falls between 570,000 to 590,000 depending on cluster.

    Current prices will get a new wave of hike as soon as Forbidden City and other much awaited constructions Kicks off in Int'l City.

    Let me know if you need more info.
  12. FJ7000

    FJ7000 New Member

    Rental for 1 bed is 52000 to 55000 per year. For studio its 38000 to 40,000 per year.

    While buying try to get a deal on higher floor. And check if it has a balcony or not.
  13. Pegasus

    Pegasus New Member



    R u looking for purchasing a property.



  14. Nadia79

    Nadia79 New Member

    i'm looking to buying a studio in IC, i would like to to be in the first or second floor, no balcony...
    keep me posted guys
    thanx : )
  15. Pegasus

    Pegasus New Member


    Hello Nadia,

    Any specific view and how much Area. You can contact me on 0559957894


    Pegasus Realty LLC

  16. smullin

    smullin New Member

    Can I ask if anyone has a "corner Studio" (supposedly 600 sq foot) in the Moroccan cluster and the obvious questions are what is the market value of this and how much are they renting for. Are they more expensive than a regular studio. Finally is Morocco also hit by this now infamous smell problem?

  17. slovea

    slovea New Member

    Have 1 Br Morocco For SALE

    I am the owner of 1 Br Apt (w/out balcony) in Morocco Cluster, 2nd floor, 716sqft, overlooking a roundabout which is getting landscaped. It is 10% paidup, and 90% financed by TAMWEEL. The building has all families staying in it, and is one of the 1st buildings to be handed over in the Cluster. If interested, please let me know. thanks. siddharth

  18. slovea

    slovea New Member


    Regarding smell in morocco, the issue is blown out of proportion. I have spoken to many tenants and they are of the view that it is nothing more than staying next to any fish/veg market. Morocco situation is reminscent of the same a few year ago, as with people staying in Ghusais next to the Abattoir. Today that area has some of the best luxury buildings come up.

    also the sewage plant is in the process of being relocated 100kms away as the entire area around the lake is up for development. In that sense, morocco would then become a seeked after property. Its just however a matter of forsight and having the funds to sustain in the next year or so.
  19. smullin

    smullin New Member

    Hi Slovea,
    thanks for getting back to me re; the sewage plant. It would seem that it is not entirely unwarrented but at the same time the smell is not quite as off putting as some people are saying, as they still seem to be rentalable.

    Can you or anyone tell me if the Moroccan cluster has been completely handed over, i am still waiting on my contract, which was supposed to be for a one-bed apt and are trying to off load a large Studio for the same price!!!:eek:. I also heard that no more residental building was going to take place in Dubai for the mean time, if this is the case what are they hopeing to build/develope on the sewage plant site I wonder, or are they likely to have this as a landscaped area? I take it the sewage plant is to the right hand side of the Moroccan cluster.
  20. Giant Real Estate

    Giant Real Estate New Member

    I have in this cluster give me a PM
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