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I am setting up near Odemira (Beja) in a new build and will be looking for an Architect to develop my ideas/plans. Ideally to project manage the build too, although if anybody knows of any good project managers please let me know.

In time I will also be looking for a builder anybody may care to recommend. Ideally English speaking on all will be great but not fluency not essential.

Cost of build... I've been told to expect to pay between 500E$-700E$ per m2. Does this sound about right? What does one get for this from experience?

Any help on a new build and experiences welcome. I do intend traveling a bit to monitor the build, but obviously when working in Uk it isn't that easy.

I know this will take time so not in a hurry.

Thanks in advance.


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Your post was from 2006 but if you're still interested I am an architect based in LIsbon, studied atr U. C London and have previously worked with UK clients.
Yours sincerely,

Fernando Ribeiro
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