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Want to become Agent in Dubai/Egypt/Morroco & India

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by InvestmentCo, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. InvestmentCo

    InvestmentCo New Member

    Hi people, sorry for the awkward post, But I need help I want to start offering overseas properties, I need to know the best ones to work for, and if you have any leads...let me know.


  2. Simon_PW

    Simon_PW New Member

    Popular property hotspots

    Hi there,

    On our website we are seeing a great deal of interest in Zimbabwe, Croatia and The Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia).
  3. sohail

    sohail New Member

    If you are still intrested the i can point you in the right direction. just reply back or call me on 01924 467467

  4. woody

    woody New Member


    I am looking for agents in Asia and the arab world. I am a Property Investment Broker and have good high yelding cashflow properties for sale.Please contact select Global Property on 01276 804474 office hours.

    Thank you
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