UK housing market falling faster than last recession, says Bellway - Telegraph

Discussion in 'UK Property' started by Damian George, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Damian George

    Damian George New Member

    Again more bad news

    Britain's struggling housing market remains mired in recession, with house-building at a 50-year low, official figures reveal, the Independent reports. The Department for Communities and Local Government said construction began on just 18,340 homes during the first three months of the year, 44 per cent down on the same period last month.

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  2. Property Banker

    Property Banker New Member

    I think there are definitely mixed signals in the media at the moment. Some are saying that there seems to be signs of recovery others are saying we haven't seen the bottom yet. I personally think we haven't hit the lowest point.
  3. Jimferguson42

    Jimferguson42 New Member

    You can't trust the news

    The news will give you conflicting information because they are out to get better ratings to fully understand what is going a property investor needs to have good fundamental knowledge of the housing market.

    This may sound funny to some people but I even made a business plan in my investment to make sure I could maximize my cash flow.
  4. paulw

    paulw New Member

    Could not agree with you more, the press have their own agenda and property investors must know the market for themselves.

    Paul Wright.
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  5. Prop-erty

    Prop-erty New Member

    I think the press simply make things up sometimes.
  6. Roz

    Roz New Member

    I don't want to be to optimistic, however, I have a good feeling that things would be getting better for us in the coming years.


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  7. alxking1

    alxking1 New Member

    Yes EAst london should be good with the olympics.
  8. punitalemon

    punitalemon New Member

    Your City Office

    It would be very difficult to do at the moment!

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