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I have recently returned to Australia after residing in the UK for three and a half years.
Im an Australian citizen but have a 4,000 pound debt on a credit card in the UK.
I have been paying my debt off and wish to settle this debt in full. I have been looking at a number of different options to do this including bank loan here in Australia but have only just been employed. I am struggleing with the conversion rate and interest on the money owed.
Im querious to know two things.
One can I apply for a debt settlement in the UK if I no longeer live there or earn pounds as Im finding it hard to pay the monthly repayments.
Two is it possible for the credit card company to persue me in Australia for the money. Does UK law apply in Australia?


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Number 1 you are NOT breaking any laws, this is a Civil matter NOT a criminal matter.
Someone i know have left the UK owing hundreds of thousands of pounds, and have moved within the EU...................and to this day 1 year later NOTHING has been done.
I wouldnt worry to much, but contact a lawyer over in the UK and explain, they can put your mind at rest.
I spoke with a Lawyer on Her behalf and was told that there are people owing MORE than what she owed and the companies concerned wont get out of bed for the figure she owes, so 4,000 sterling, dont worry so much.

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