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UAE Mortgage

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by asif08, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. asif08

    asif08 New Member

    can a uk resident take a mortgage out with a bank in the UAE?

    whats the procedure, how can i go about it if i wanted to purchase an off plan property?
  2. talk

    talk New Member


    I To Am A Uk Resident.through Research I've Found No Uae Banks Willing To Give Mortgages To Uk Residents.a Problem Arises As Proof Of Ownership Of A Property.if You Buy A Property Outright And Show Visa,work Cotract Etc Some Shall Refinance Your Rates Are Very High Compared To The Uk.if You Are An Investor Only You Cannot Own The Property Until It Is Completly Finished So No Deeds Will Be In Your Name Until Then,so You Must Finance The Payments Until Completion.

    The Best Way To Do This Is By Borrowing On Equity Of Another Property At Home Or By A Loan At Home On The Power Of Your Wages At Home.

    It This Is Also Hard You Can Only Use What Money You Have Available To You To Pay Payments And Sell At A Profit Even If Small So You Can Build Up Money Asap.

    In The Future Uae May Give Mortgages To Investors As Bridging Loans Until Properties Are Finished Then Turn Them Into Buy To Let Property Mortgage.
  3. certvista

    certvista New Member

    Is this a Same Case with Pakistan residence, Can he avail the opportunity of mortgage?
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