Turks and Caicos Investment Offer

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Why Invest in Real Estate in Turks & Caicos Islands?
• No annual taxes on property held
• No income taxes on revenue generated
• No capital gains taxes on disposal of property
• Any nationality may purchase and hold land
• Use of the US dollars minimizes currency fluctuations
• We enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean
• British Dependent Territory status ensures an accountable, legal and political system
• Register absolute title is guaranteed by Crown; Title insurance is unnecessary
• Title can be held personally, or confidentially, in a local Corporation or Trust
• Strata Title registration Ordinances provides for freehold title in a condominium
• Land Register system provides details of ownership, title, mortgage, charges, etc
• All necessary safeguards are in place and internationally recognized
• Planning and Development Authority oversees building codes and development plans to help ensure sustainable development

The spectacular Turks and Caicos Islands boasts 230 miles of white sand beaches, and coral reefs and ocean walls which are often hailed as offering some of the best diving in the world.
TCI are situated 575 miles (1 hour 15 minutes flight) southeast of Miami. Covering 193 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, the Turks and Caicos Islands have the third largest coral reef system and the best tropical beaches in the world, making it a premier beach, diving and snorkeling destination and an ideal location for romance, family vacations, ecotourism and adventure seekers, which is probably why 60% of visitors come back over and over again
The Turks & Caicos offer a number of advantages for savvy investors:
 English speaking,
 close proximity to the United States and Canada,
 direct flights,
 US currency,
 based on English common law,
 stable government,
 NO income, estate, corporate, real estate TAX
…these are a few reasons the Turks and Caicos are attracting tourists and investors from all over the world.
Contact us today to discuss investing in our development in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. The Grand Tulip Resort a true work of art on the coast, surrounded by nature’s best creation. Investment plans start from 50,000 with an estimated rate of return of 30% within 2 years. Invest in the development with experienced builders and let your money work for you. This investment will allow you as an investor to be a part owner of the development. Normally small investors never get the opportunity to take part in investments at this level, now you are able to become partners through limited risk, limited partnerships with a minimum investment of $50,000.

The Development:

• 150 all suite hotel units
• 600 – 900 square feet of interior space
• 150 – 200 square feet of covered balcony terrace
• Lobby
• Library
• Five Star three-meal main restaurant and bar
• Pool bar and restaurant
• Infinity edge pools and water features with day cabanas
• 10,000 square feet conference facilities
• 10,000 square feet wellness center and day spa
• Night lit championship tennis courts
• Extensive landscaping and lighting

Condominium Residential Units
• 100 Oceanfront 10 studios, 10-1, 40-2 and 40-3 bedroom luxury residential units with lock out option
• Interior space ranging from 600-4000 square feet
• Covered balcony terraces ranging from 300-600 square feet
• Structured underground parking for (75) vehicles
• Valet Parking for additional 150 vehicles
• 200-220 square feet balcony/terrace
• Pools with water fountain features
• Lushly landscaped quite garden areas with water features

Contact me to get the full investment package and all information today. Invest now as there are very limited spaces still available.
Karen Gama [email protected]
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