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Turkey is a good investment alternate

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by colby, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. colby

    colby New Member

    Turkey is the suitable place for foreign investment. Traditionally foreign investors have been purchasing property in Southern Euro-Med countries but now they are seeking fresh alternative destinations to invest in an alternate like Turkey.
    The potential for returns on investment in this area are enormous. Last year alone, property prices rose by around 50% and with more people looking to buy homes in Turkey, that extra demand is sure to push prices even higher.

    In 2005 more than 21 million people visited Turkey
    The number of visitors to Turkey is expected to double in the next few years and Turkish investment in tourism and infrastructure is expected to keep pace. Moreover future projects are planned such as the creation of more leisure facilities such as golf courses, health resorts, tourism centers and sport stadiums that support international events like Formula One motor racing.

    Land prices are on the increase
    Due to foreign investors' high demand of second homes in Turkey, land prices are on a steep increase, as a result property prices will also continue to rise steeply, hence now is the right time to purchase an investment property or a second home.
    The expected accession of Turkey to the EU is also a major factor that will contribute to enormously to Turkey's property market. When this happens property prices will double, even triple within a few years. So the best policy is to buy now and enjoy the benefit of an investment that will soon increase in value.
  2. medseA


    28 million visitors expected to visit Turkey in 2008

    In 2007, 23 million visitors came to Turkey. The new slogan is 28 million visitors for 2008. This clearly tells you that the turkish riviera is getting more popular than any other riviera.

    Belek and Side is the new face of Turkey. The Turkish government are spending millions on the area and intend to promote it as an upmarket family / golf resort. Plot and land prices are having a sharp increase, especially ones near tourism projects (located around the vacant plots of land). These include a list of, world class golf clubs, 5 star hotels, beach parks, public amenities, hospitals, residential developments, parks and recreation, all now neighbouring the lands.

    The concept of the whole area has changed where people used to say "I own a house accross the beach and forest" now it's "I own a house accross a hundred million dollar new, golf glub, hospitol, shopping center, 5 star hotels, in a vastly developing new tourism region".
  3. christopher5

    christopher5 New Member

    Good Investment

    Are there any benefits in real estate investment?
  4. davidchri5

    davidchri5 New Member

    Good Investment

    Hi christopter5,

    REI (Real estate investment) is normally a good investment. At this point of time due to the dips and trends in the market, it is wise to wait and then invest and at the same time organize your tax strategy on your real estate investment.
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