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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by jags, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. jags

    jags New Member

    1966: Textile Industry: Major Importers of Textile items from Japan, since 1960's and Manufacturer of Readymade garments and setup an Industry SHAH HOSIERY FACTORY established in 1964 & ALM INDUSTRIES established in 1986 in Karachi the major city of Pakistan and major exports to U.S.A. Middle East and European countries. This is one of the few Industries which are in operation till now. Also Leading Importers of Textile yarn from Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc..
    1980: Creation of property development company Beverly Hills and Beverly Homes Ltd.
    1966: Bhadelia Industries PTE Ltd, a pioneer certificate granted by the government of Singapore. Investments and developments in major projects in Singapore including; The Plaza, Mandarin Gardens, Bayshore Park and the Arcade.
    1980: Hospitality Industry – franchise holders of branded hotels and motels which include: Holiday Inn (Florida), Economy Inn, Budget Inn, The Marina Club and many more.
    1995: Textile Importers & Exporters. Under the name Triplanet Trading LLC, Dubai.
    2006 – THE LAUNCH OF Triplanet International FZC (Sharjah). the latest property development company breaking into the market with the luxurious project called Elite Sports Residence in Dubai Sports City.

    I hope its helpful.
  2. memo123

    memo123 Member

    Your internet site

    Dear sir
    Yes, it is helpful information , however your site on the Internet in not helpfull at all .
    You have a site with all the keys on it literally don't work.
    as an investor in Elite buildings , i would like to access your sit where i can see the progress of elite buildings and all i get is elite 7 and when clicking on any of the keys you have , it does not work.
    I would like to see pictures of the progress on the building site of Elite 3,4 and 5
    you got to understand my position here as an investor, where i like to see what is going on. Or the least you can do is send us as investors progress report, just like any investments we inter in , market value , expected capital appreciation, and where you are in building progress with pictures attached . I have sent you an e-mail that is mentioned under contact , and didn't get any response for the last 3 weeks .
    appreciate your cooperation and understanding
  3. memo123

    memo123 Member

    I have presumed that you work for Triplanet and this is why you have all this information
  4. jags

    jags New Member


    i am sorry. i am also an investor like you and many others on this forum. the information i have got from my investigation when i invested in elite 5.

  5. memo123

    memo123 Member

    I pesume we will get an answer in the next century

    I guess we are all in the same pot boiling to know what is going on with no one to
    care . the last i saw was some dude called Saeed from London , marketing for Elite7 , when people asked him he said " you are not getting the information because you are not one of our investors". So I Pm him and gave him my email but it is of no use , till this day not one picture i got ,
    regards and best of luck and I know we will make money in sports city for no where in the world they have a city dedicated like this one , but we will have to wait till the end .
  6. cc908

    cc908 New Member

    Dear Memo and Jags

    why dont you go to triplanet office and discuss it there?? if your really unhappy then get a refund. you asked me about the construction and i told you that the construction is started on elite 1-3, 4-6 may have also started and elite 7 yet to start.

    If your not getting any replies then i suggest the best thing is to go to dubai and speak to them.


  7. memo123

    memo123 Member

    Hi all
    and if any one knows about the progress in Elite 4 and 5 pls. tell us
    ur info.. wud be highly appreciated
  8. digger

    digger New Member

    Elite III

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if they have started work on Elite III. My agent tells me that work has started but frankly cant trust his word.

    Do you guys think they will ever complete on time.
  9. G.invester

    G.invester New Member

    Hi Digger,
    Word of advice ask the developer to send you pictures and let them also post it on their main web site.
  10. angel91

    angel91 New Member

    If anyone needs information on any of the Elite projects in Sports City - you should contact Mr. Faisal (the owner of Triplanet) directly. He has been very helpful. info @ triplanet-group .c o m - this email re-directs to his personal email address. construction updates and certificates can be found on the website w w w. triplanet-group .c o m (please note spaces in email / web address as not able to post websites or email addresses)

    Good Luck :)
  11. Sportsman

    Sportsman New Member

    A race to the bottom.....this is very sad.
  12. fairplay

    fairplay New Member


    I was in Sports City on 29-03-2011 and took pictures of all 7 Elite developments. If you want me to send you photos, post your email address to me and I will send them on. But just an update: Elite 1 - they are putting in glass sliding doors, painting it. Elite 2 - still building the structure and seem to be doing the roof now. Elite 3 - about the 8 storeys up including the car park floors. Elite 4 - about the same as Elite 3. Elite 5 - hardly started; just started the 1st floor. Elite 6 - about the same as Elite 3 & 4. Elite 7 - just a hole in the ground. I went out there two days in a row to take photos, and there appears to be only one building crew for all 7 buildings. On the first day Elite 2 (where I'm invested) had workers on it, but the next day there was nothing going on.

    On Elite 2, they have changed the apartment layout on the Emirates road side. And they have also made some of the balconies smaller than the official catalogue (on the canal side). There also seems to be no road in front of the building (canal side) as previous shown on the Sports city diagrams; and there is another building a few feet away. Not good.

    I do not know if Triplanet will complete any of them or if they are just creaming off as much money as they can and then walk away. With Elite 2 they can have 90% of your money for only 30% cost completion. I do not trust them one bit.

  13. nd1967

    nd1967 New Member

    hi all
    i have invested in elite 3
    now they r asking for 6% installment as according to them 11th floor slab is done
    but rera revised plan say completion of 11 floor structure
    can somebody clarify this
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