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So, I can find lots of info on becoming a resident of a EU country, but nothing on not being a resident, i.e. 5 months in France, 4 months in Portugal, 3 months in Italy, (3 rentals or three small owned houses) Can a British citizen married to an American, paying taxes in the USA just pick a country to be a resident, or just not be a resident of anywhere? (which we would prefer) is there a law that says you have to be a resident of somewhere?


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Hello Drew,
If you require any information on being a Resident/Nonresident I would suggest that you look at the Empassy's web sites of the country's you would like to visit, they do have sections on this matter.

Do you just want to visit these countries for three to four months at a time? or are you looking for employment in them? I am not up to date with the information that you are looking for, But I am sure that you will get the info if you check out the above.

Good Luck


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How did you get on Drew? did you make the big move?!
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