Tracey Hanbury interviews Paul Mahoney, 11 August, 7pm

Paul Mahoney

Paul Mahoney

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We are delighted to return with the 2nd instalment of Landlord Investor Hour. Tracey Hanbury interviews property finance expert and CEO of Nova Financial Group, Paul Mahoney. Again, we’ll get the chance to drill down into key issues facing buy-to-let investors and learn from Paul’s invaluable insight. Nova Financial are a multi-award winning property advisory group who offer specialist advice on leveraged buy-to-let property investment and helping clients achieve financial freedom. Paul and Tracey will be discussing subjects diverse as strategy for new investors, property finance, hot spot investment opportunities, the Impact of Brexit and Covid-19 on the property sector, plus positive changes in the property industry and more. This is a must-see session for anyone with an interest in buy-to-let investment.

Watch below.

About Paul
Paul Mahoney is the Founder & Managing Director of Nova Financial; an industry leading property investment and financial advice group offering an end-to-end advisory service for buy-to-let property investors; Paul is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, Property TV show and podcast host, keynote speaker and highly regarded property expert/commentator as well as a qualified financial planner and mortgage advisor who specialises in property investment. He and his advisory team have many decades of experience in the property industry and have assisted thousands of investors in the UK and abroad on how best to achieve their lifestyle and financial goals through property investment.